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  1. I for some years delivered Trinka 8s and 10s around the country. (Put 300,000 miles on the Toyota Tundra.) I never tired of the OOOOs and AAAAs from the new owners when the shrink wrap came off. Beautiful craft. Dave Ellis
  2. Yep, at 77 racing a Melges 14 preparing to represent our little club in the Tennessee Valley Club Challenge, 9 clubs. Working 30 hours a week as dishwasher and maintenance at a chain restaurant, Cracker Barrel, their oldest of 40,000+ employees. Gotta stay active, even if its not glamorous.
  3. At South Seas Plantation (name changed to South Seas Resort due to, well, you know) on Captiva Island I was teaching for Offshore Sailing School in the 1980s. There was just one feral cat surviving. He was a big one, all scarred up. Racoons had eliminated all the other cats.
  4. Aha! I thought it was the other way around. At 77, we tend to get things backwards. Or not at all. So, what do you call women who go after younger men?
  5. Yea, but your Cougars must be REALLY old! My wife's 18 years younger. But I can't remember why that is exciting.
  6. Put at least one twist to each strap where it is exposed to the highway speed wind. Truckers do this to keep the straps from 'luffing' with that annoying noise.
  7. oops. Their website says until further notice only members and their invited guests can race. Covid thing. Results still interesting
  8. Sorry for the thread drift...... Davis Island Yacht Club, "Sailingest Club in the South", has Thursday evening racing a good part of the year. All comers. Fun group. Often 30+ boats. Check out the results on diyc.org to see the variety of boats.
  9. My lifetime sailing buddy Joe hit an unidentified floating object in his catamaran during an Everglades Challenge. Boat damaged and sinking, him trapped in lines. EC rules require a handy knife. That and his personal epirb saved his life, floating in the Gulf alone.
  10. Thanks, Gary E. fot the corroboration, and Hi from Dave. The "Hunter 170" parallels that timeline somewhat. My H-170 was a replacement hull, which cracked the following winter in North Texas. Sold to Tennessee. Sat in a barn unused for nearly 20 years. Donated to our little north Alabama sailing club and largely repaired. But they really had no use for it so I bought it for the price of the good road trailer and fixed it up nicely. Painted tenticals on the topside former cracks and named her "Kraken." Yes, all repaired. But didn't have VIN numbers! Took 5 months to get them. Dave Ellis
  11. The plastic is so tough and resilient that impacts, even with a hammer, just bounce off. Yet, cold defeated it. Yes, sail in a warmer locale.
  12. I forgot to mention a favorite open Florida tegatta: Mug Race. First Saturday in May. Rudder Club, Jacksonville. 38+ miles down (up?) the St. Johns River Palatka to Jacksonville. About the only rule is the mast must be under 44 feet to get under the halfway bridge. I won it on handicap in 2018 in a Raider. Raced the H-170 this year. Started on the east side of the river-wide line. Far west side group got a breeze and took off. Split the fleet. They won. My half of the fleet didn't finish before the sundown time limit. Next year ..... Dave Ellis
  13. Rumor has it that the plastic actually supplied was a little different than what was tested out. Hunter 170 not the only boat around the year 2000 that had the cold temperature failure. Too bad, as the H-170 really does tick a lot of good boxes.
  14. Mount Dora YC, Melbourne YC, Lake Monroe SA, Sarasota Sailing Squadron Labor Day. I have a salvaged Hunter 170. Enjoy the boat. Sails well. Usually beat the handicap rating (no Spin. Modification factors in the Portsmouth Handbook shows a boat normally without spin carrying one, multiply handicap by .972 = 90.1) But this is an original BASF plastic hull. Cracks, literally, if the temperature gets below 25 F. Many fixes on this boat over 20 years. Finally found that good old Flex Seal paste works best, as it gives when it gets hot out, but still fills when cold. Named 'Kraken', which
  15. Years ago Offshore sailing school had a racing class with rock star head instructors. Four identical Impule 26 sloops with spinnaker. During the 4th week with Bill Shore the instructor, one of the boats always came in last. Bill took the helm for a practice race and came in 4th, last. Steve Colgate had us four on-board employee instructors dive in and clean that boat's bottom. Wasn't much there, but a bit of "jelly." That boat won the next race and placed appropriately thereafter. Bethwaite's book has an account of a tow bar for two boats to try foils. Should be even to start th
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