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  1. sailwriter

    Pic of your wooden dinghy sailing.

    Francis Seavy's Snipe "Honey" is a stunning example of a varnished wooden craft. Currently it is in a sailing museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, alongside an original Pram and Windmill. Old picture that I'll have to find and scan. Dave Ellis
  2. sailwriter

    Pic of your wooden dinghy sailing.

  3. sailwriter

    Reasons to lose a protest

    Yes, occasionally a better prepared presenter sways a jury to come to the wrong conclusion. Happened to me at a long-ago Suncoast Race Week. I was the third member of a Protest Committee with the other two being a married couple. The one boat had a skilled attorney boat owner presenting; the other a relatively new sailor with English a second language. After tossing the second boat due to the other two PC members being adamant that it was correct, we found out from others at the party outside that what we heard was not at all correct. The boat we tossed was the leeward boat and the other had driven down on him to keep from going over the line before the start. I asked the faulted skipper to come back to the room or appeal. No, he was done with sailboat racing. Don't blame him. That was 30 years ago. Think it bothers a volunteer to get it wrong? Absolutely. But, we keep doing RC and PC work, despite the griping from some who seem entitled without giving back to the sport. Dave Ellis
  4. sailwriter

    Rhodes 19 not stored with keel blocked

    When I managed the St. Petersburg Sailing Center in Florida (1987-2000) we had six Rhodes 19 keel boats with the cuddy cabin. The inner wood ribs rotted. Made me think they may have been red oak instead of white oak, as they really did rot badly. This occurred during the time SPYC was spending their money on a new clubhouse and parking garage. I had a miniscule boat repair budget and even less for labor. So I simply replaced the wood ribs with pressure treated 2x6 lumber, cut to fit. Pulled out one at a time and scribed on the PT lumber, cut it, painted it to disguise and replaced. When it came time to do the ones holding the keel bolts, the boat was suspended on the hoist with the keel on a block on the ground. . This lasted for several years until the boats were replaced with Ideal 18s. Dave Ellis
  5. sailwriter

    Are Mount Gay Hats Cool?

    I once donated one to the Lake Eustis sailing club junior auction. It was stolen before the auction occurred. Somebody likes them. Have several in the closet. Afraid to wear them any more.
  6. sailwriter

    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    Looks like an excellent single handed Everglades Challenge boat. Hmmmm.
  7. sailwriter

    Rate it

    Tidal current is significant everywhere on the Charleston harbor vicinity. Not so very far to get out in the Atlantic, though. For racing, using or avoiding current is often more important than wind shifts.
  8. sailwriter

    Can you buy an old/new sailboat without an MSO?

    Touchy subject. After decades in the Tampa Bay, Florida area the wife wanted to move up the the mountains. At least there is plenty of seasonal sailing on the big TVA lakes and fine people. But, yes, it is cold, and this BASF plastic Hunter 170 is known not to like cold. Easy to fix, I fix it all the time.
  9. sailwriter

    Can you buy an old/new sailboat without an MSO?

    Got a call from the marine license folks letting me know it will be January before I get the Hull Identification Number. Covid 19 delay because of decreased work force. Alabama doesn't title boats or boat trailers(!) But they do want that sticker and AL numbers for the taxes. Our racing season is over anyhow. Oh, after the last freeze another big crack appeared.
  10. sailwriter

    Cayard to run US Sailing

  11. sailwriter

    Cayard to run US Sailing

    A little. I was able to talk with and get quotes from top sailors from Elvstrom to Baird over the years. Based in St. Pete, there were many events that brought interesting folks. Paul Cayard was one of them. But, rather than building the sport with media exposure, he had the reputation of rebuffing. Now, how is that going to work out at US SAILING if he has not mellowed? Dave Ellis
  12. sailwriter

    Cayard to run US Sailing

    I hope he is more open than 15 years ago. As the sailing reporter for the largest newspaper in the southeast USA at the time he wouldn't acknowledge me except to smirk. Star Southern Hemespheres, Davis Island Yacht Club, Tampa. Needless to say I didn't say much about that event in the weekly sailing column. Dave Ellis
  13. sailwriter

    Sarasota Youth Accident

    When I became the manager of the St. Petersburg Sailing Center in January, 1987, the coach did not wear a life jacket (PFD) nor did many of the kids. I made it a priority to change that. One of the ways was to point out to the very accomplished coach that the insurance did not cover him if he had an accident while not wearing his PFD. We knew we had trained the kids when we had to remind them to take off their PFDs when we got to McDonalds for a break. Shows how few kids we had on the race team back then! Dave Ellis
  14. sailwriter

    Sarasota Youth Accident

    The importance of attaching the kill switch was driven home in St. Pete, Florida years ago. An experienced coach took it off his belt to lean over and help an Opti skipper. He leaned on the throttle and the boat took off, dumping him out. For the next 20 minutes the little 13-foot Whaler made tight circles right in front of spectators on the St. Pete Municipal Pier, with "St. Petersburg Yacht Club Sailing Team" prominently painted on the side . We had the Coast Guard, Marine Patrol and several other power vessels standing by. I, as the manager, was also nervously standing by after getting the radio call at the Sailing Center. Finally, a Coastie in an inflatable timed it right and pulled the kill switch. They checked the boat over very well, looking for safety infractions. Finally, one of the three officers said to our coach, "We must fine you for not having a PFD aboard." The other two officers were grinning when the Coach said, "But, I'm wearing it!" Needless to say, all the coaches thereafter wore their PFDs and kept the kill switch attached on my watch. Dave Ellis, SPYC 1987-2000
  15. sailwriter

    Ocean's poem...

    Walt Whitman is part of my mother's family that the old timers in the family didn't brag about. Life choice not accepted as it may be today.