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  1. They also had Adrian Newey from Red Bull F1 team involved very early in there team
  2. Nope he will sign away . But everyone will bitch and moan but in the end his hand will be forced by inactivity
  3. I thought he was grant an honourable citizenship after the last cup
  4. Another 4 year of development on the AC 75 the boats will be insane !
  5. Fuck off cock I didn’t mention it was going anywhere
  6. Kiwis need to get behind them and make sure they can continue
  7. Awesome ETNZ retains the cup . well done Luna Rossa
  8. Me too but they will get faster after another 4 years of development
  9. Look at the stats from both days. Very telling. You win the start you have a clean runway if you don’t you sit in shit.
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