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  1. As a superstitious (old) sailor, I don't like that sort of reference...
  2. Thanks. She's an early C&C design - a Frigate 36. Number 19 of 36 hulls built by Brockville Marine Yards.
  3. Two Legged is a 'she', not a 'he' (or a they/them AKAIK). I enjoy her participation on most sailing thread topics, but she does get stuck into some pretty rigid political positions IMHO. I'm more of a 'live and let live' kind of guy but its hard to resist a good political bun fight (I swore I wasn't going to read or post to this thread anymore, but I am weak...). Jim (me/mine)
  4. I'll bet she is quick, with that light, narrow, easily-driven hull. That she has only a 27 HP auxiliary is a clue. CF rig too. That is what we would have called a 'sleeper' back in the heyday of muscle cars...
  5. How 'bout crediting Bob Stephens / Paul Waring for penning those beautiful lines...where does it stop?
  6. This thread has turned into a school yard brawl. What a bunch of spoiled children. Grow up. I'm outahere.
  7. Yup. I had a lot of love for my CQR and my copy-cat Kingston Plow (until the later left my boat high & dry after a hurricane but, to be fair, our friend's Rocna didn't do any better - they just got luckier where they landed).
  8. The croutons would get stuck under the seats and the inwhales
  9. That, and the south was building stealth ships like the Merrimac in contravention of the pre-radar restrictions. Oops, wrong thread.
  10. The only one of those thumbnails that would grab me would be "Lithium Battery monitoring"...but I'd probably click on "Bermuda Triangle Lightning Storms & Naked Swims" and just skim it
  11. Yeah, but at least the varnish on the tiller is protected.
  12. Good point Bull. I have my Newfoundland grandmother's recipe for a dark fruit cake made with a lot of rum that lasts for years. Think wedding cake tradition, where you save a piece for the first-born... Quite nutritious too. I believe fruit cake probably kept Chichester going at sea.
  13. Keep at them Bull! I used to work for an oil company manger whose problem-solving mantra was: "gentle pressure applied relentlessly".
  14. And whisky (and whiskey) ticks the "grains" food group dietary requirement. The USDA website recommends 6 ounces of grains per day...that's only four shots. Seems like a sailor requires more to function...or maybe that's the recommended minimum?
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