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  1. I'm not a particularly spiritual person but I have noted many times that when one great soul leaves this world, another comes into it. Congrats, CL.
  2. Since we have not been able to visit our friends in Maine for over a year due to the closed international border, our stock of Stonewall Kitchen Country Ketchup is running dangerously low. On a positive note, Rotel is now available in the Great White North.
  3. I'm sure she's a great boat but this old lead mine sailor can't help but think that modern cat designs look like some one put the hulls on upside down by mistake...
  4. Good news indeed Dylan! Every once in a while a 'miracle' product works as advertised. My OCD would compel me to get inside those tanks, whatever it took, for a thorough clean-out... but, given your distaste for fettling, I think the Marine 16 biocide was a successful alternative (though not without effort on your part).
  5. Well there's always hope, but you're right - the picture really doesn't do it justice.
  6. As much as I love 'true' cast iron stoves like the Little Cod (which originated in my area) I haven't got room for one, leading me to a Dickinson Newport, or similar, mounted on the cabin bulkhead.
  7. Agreed, burning a solid fuel heater underway is probably a bad idea. My requirements for heat are similar to yours. Looking forward to installing mine when I can find one to purchase...
  8. Great video that really gives the feel of small boat sailing in higher latitudes. Kind of reminded me of Yves GĂ©linas' Alberg 30 film "Jean de Sud Around the World", but without the quality cinematography. The fisheye view from a GoPro gets old quick...
  9. Kris, I recall you have a solid fuel heater (fireplace)? I am waiting for a Dickinson Newport SFH (currently out of stock due to Covid apparently). I had a kerosene heater like Kolibri's in my last boat - it was OK but a bit undersized. I don't have propane on my current boat, so looking at solid fuel. Do you burn hardwood, softwood or some manufactured fuel? Do you ever burn underway?
  10. You must be the new kid around here (<20 posts). Just so's you knows: the denizens here only like amusing trolls. "DM me" was a good start. Kolibri has already established his creds - what are yours?
  11. I used to run a database of boats, including HINs, for Cherubini-designed Hunter 37 Cutters when I owned one. It started as a fun thing with a couple of other owners and turned into a years-long hobby. Somebody else has taken it over and its still going AFAIK. It was kind of like train-spotting or any other hobby where you try and collect sightings and data. By the time I stopped I had gleaned information, like owner and boat names, emails, phone numbers, and port of registry, against the HINs of about 140 of the 420+ boats built (most of this info was from direct correspondence with owners vi
  12. I was not implying YOU are selfish Ajax. Just ranting.
  13. I couldn't agree more about quality of life but, right now, with only one dose of Pfizer in me, I am trying very hard not to catch the damn thing even if it might not (probably not?) kill me... so when a bunch of 20+ assholes from the local uni have a party because they think life should be more 'normal' I say: keep the restrictions, the masks, and the social distance until this virus is headed over the same horizon as polio, and smallpox... /RANT OFF PS: restrictions and regulations are only in place because some self-centred bastards can only think of themselves - no regard for their fe
  14. FIFY Not shutting myself in unless required (my area is currently seeing a surge of variant strains, so we have some restrictions) but wearing a mask and social distancing is in my future for a while yet. YMMV.
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