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  1. Thx for all your posts that keep us updated on this fantastic finish !
  2. https://www.20minutes.fr/sport/2956759-20210119-vendee-globe-bonifications-remises-cause-ex-aequo-paraitrait-logique-estime-ruyant?xtor=RSS-176 Maybe some discussions to come about the time bonuses linked to the rescue of Escoffier. "The battle is raging at the top of the Vendée Globe, where seven skippers can decently claim the final victory. Among them is Thomas Ruyant on LinkedOut. The current 2nd and ex-leader of the race is among those who can still cross the finish line in the lead in Les Sables d'Olonne without having the certainty to win, just like Charlie Dalin, Louis
  3. I dont know. I think was Bestaven was really unlucky in this Vendée, Boris was too conservative in the race to attract me any favour. You have to win with "panache" or not.
  4. Heard Centrale Nantes with the double degree is not bad as well
  5. Weird, the girl properly vanished 3 days ago....
  6. Mmmm, not really, first i dont think he would have had the level in maths to get Polytechnique, and it doesnt make sens anyway to get Polytechnique to become naval architect. And he didnt like the maths sup/maths spe neither, so Southampton was more interesting for what he wanted to become Charlie Dalin as well graduated from Southampton.
  7. Thx a lot for the article, reminds a bit this one. https://www.eurosport.fr/voile/vendee-globe/2020-2021/vendee-globe-2020-2021-deux-mois-seul-en-mer-tripon-fait-l-experience-d-une-vie-decroissante_sto8066709/story.shtml
  8. Ok, would keep my football fan reactions for PSG games its a delight to follow this Vendée with you on this thread. https://voilesetvoiliers.ouest-france.fr/course-au-large/vendee-globe/entretien-exclusif-christophe-auguin-juge-l-incroyable-paradoxe-de-ce-vendee-globe-2055929a-fcd8-11ea-9686-5e970ac095ee Its seems to be an interesting contribution for Christophe auguin, anybody has access to the article ?
  9. Damned, nobody watching soccer here ? So you can't follow the Vendée being a bit a supporter and having a bias for some skippers ? Like there is no passion and we should act with pure objectivity. Of course, Boris would be a beautiful winner, for his race, his smart strategy, his experience which led him there in this Vendée and his excellent communication all along the race.
  10. Weather favoured the guys behind, it's as simple as that. Giancarlo Pedote had the same boat as Boris, he would be in the same place as Boris. He has 6 hours free of time bonus, because of the weather every leaders got stuck at the end. Same for Bestaven who has a good compensation but was very unlucky with the weather. Breaking a foil as happened to Thomas or Charlie is purely bad luck.
  11. Boris has the biggest undamaged foils if you consider the boats at the lead. And he has time compensations. Charlie and Thomas sadly can't use their boats at their full potential,
  12. Honestly, even if i really like Boris, that would be a bit sad if he manages to win the Vendée, he's not of the same bread of Charlie or Yannick, just happened to be luckier than them. Charlie should be flying on top, the meteo disfavoured the leaders in this edition and Charlie had really bad luck with his foil.
  13. I Guess Jérémie and Armel are not in the same mood neither, Jérémie had to overcome his dreams of victory, and he is in delivery mode since his restart
  14. The hobbot of the Vendée Globe
  15. Is anybody the figures of the budget for each competitor ?
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