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  1. QQ Now that is what I call a Boating BOOM!
  2. I present what I believe to be, if not the winner, certainly a top 5 pick for the category. Seen just now on Facebook
  3. Naw, they’ve mucked up the cars so bad that they can’t pass. (Because when they get too close to the rear of another car, the car looses so much downforce that almost all dependent front end traction is lost) So, they added a way to semi disable the wings that create the downforce so the car can out accelerated the car they are tying to pass. However, in the actual race do to onboard electronics, they can only activate it when they are one second or less than the vehicle in front of them on a designated portion of the track. When practicing or qualifying the drivers can use it anywhere
  4. Many but not all fiberglass runabouts and fishing boats Had wooden stringers to increase hull stiffness and wood reinforcement in the transoms. A good many sailboats had a wood core, With plywood or balsa in the decks and balsa in the hull, again, making a fiberglass wood sandwich to increase stiffness. Not sure about sailboats using wood for stringers, not having ever seen one, but it was a proven technology for many years so I suspect they could. Its a good thing now that most of the powerboats that used wood, have gone to aluminum or fiberglass stringers replacing wood. it seems t
  5. Loons, Osprey’s Bald Eagles, White and Blue Great Herons, and one of our little favorites, Kingfishers. Its a veritable Avian fishing show every day on the lakeside porch of the Kirste Cottage. (Especially the Eagles) Below is one of our resident Eagles
  6. Missed one, worst case of weather helm since the advent of IOR.
  7. If i want to go fast, gonna stay on a lake, This is what I want to sail. Get to go fast, pull a waterskier if I so choose and have a party all at the same time. Its just been right since 1892
  8. We only mixed fuel in the actual tank that was hooked to the engine (when using a 2 cycle outboard where fuel and oil are mixed.) We also used the smallest fuel tank we could find to keep from having a rather large amount of unused fuel inthe boat. The spare fuel was kept on deck or in an open cockpit. When we would not be using the boat for a couple weeks or more, we always took the spare (unmixed) fuel and put it our truck. In our Mastercraft Prostar, fueled by gasoline. We always open the engine cover before engaging anything electrical, then ran the blower for the recommended num
  9. Something about a brand new one appeals, but why bother. If it works, and a fellow or lady is not chasing a national championship or I suppose a club championship, its hard to justify a new one. Now in the days of wood, getting a new one every few years was pretty much mandatory if one wanted to continue scow sailing The old woodies were made to go, not to last. But boy were they beautiful. I come from a family of want-to-be artists. Seen more of the Earths good resources allocated to “art” than I can remember. (Trying to be kind here, read between the lines) When I was quite youn
  10. Darn good bonfire if you ask me. Bring out the hotdogs
  11. I have tabbies on my race bike. What a serious pain to install….until, i came up short of time and just became lazy and I needed to install new tires. used rim tape. Instead of three days (actually took four or five days on and off getting rid of the old built up glue) As said, instead of three days of gluing and two to three hours of installing and truing, I used rim tape. Put the tape on, put the tire on (Continentals are the pits to install anyway, but I still like em) takes about two minutes to true the tire and pull the second plastic strip out from under the tire, Job Done
  12. Hey, is that our helmsman down there?
  13. Can’t see out the screen door, its covered with Flex Seal to keep the water out.
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