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  1. The picture had a bow pulpit and lifelines. On every modern picture I could find they did not have lifelines nor a bow pulpit. Also each picture shows Vim with a traditional wheel and a metal pedestal. This boat has a more modern wheel and a wooden pedestal. While these things could have been changed/added, why change a wheel and pedestal on a traditional racing yacht. On retrospect, I would say No.
  2. Dang, I couldn’t afford the slip fee, heck this thing would take an entire dock, an entire marina. So, I suppose my real question is… WtF is the POINT!
  3. The absolute best description of this, this, Whatever this shit is!
  4. Next you’ll have a fellow swimming (or for an even shorter LOA, treading water) across the Atlantic with a waterproof backpack filled with food
  5. Always love it when the rule makers make it either strictly not allowed or so impractical to implement that we get stuck with the same old, same old. I am certainly not a modern foiler man, but anytime innovation is stymied the world takes a step backwards (see IOC’s rulings on Bicycle design. What we had in the 1990’s was a true miracle to what we are limited to now) Been a long time since I was behind the controls of a 150 but if memory serves, deploying full (40 degree) flaps on that little ship would all but make it hang from the sky.
  6. Yes Sir, I can attest to this one. In 2017 while transferring a battery from the boat to the dock, my shoe did not properly grip the dock surface and I fell, with a 55 + Pound battery in my hand to aid in the momentum. Hit the side of the dock, broke my back, severely bruised my kidney and basically messed up my right side. Sure enough, could not get back up. It was February no less. What was really bad was no one within earshot could hear my pleas for help. Our sailboat was on a boat lift. It was partially in the water but not completely, so using the swim ladder was not an option.
  7. 34,000 POUNDS! In 43 ft LOA. Putting that thing in the ocean would in itself displace enough water to raise the ocean level at least a foot. Definitely not my idea of a good light air boat.
  8. At the listed price, she may be worth the restoration costs. She is a pretty one. And being a Yawl, very unique in these days. I would love to give her a try, but alas, not to be.
  9. Reality, flying in ground effect is much more efficient. Watching a long winged water bird glide a foot or two above the surface, seemingly forever bares witness to this phenomenon. Also, trying to land a small, aircraft with a light wing loading such as a Skyhawk more than proves this point. (Figured it out finally, 70 knots, full flaps on final, will get her pointed in the right direction, and slow enough on flare to get her stuck to the runway.) So, the allure is there, electric power because it’s currently the fad. Ground effect because its efficient making good advertising copy
  10. This is a boat I would have gone to look at a year ago. Now, too much invested in our current project. (Which is almost ready to sail)
  11. When it comes to line of sight, not even going to the point that its pretty important to avoid collisions/ get a good view of what the wind is doing and of course, avoiding running aground… When the wife can’t see, its time to redesign or if purchasing, look for another boat. Once, many years ago, we were looking at a nice little sloop, bigger than our Santana but a nice size to do all the things we wanted in a larger boat. Big killing point of the sale, Brenda Lea could not see over the coach roof when sitting in the cockpit. We wound up with an S27.9.
  12. I do believe those pesky Russians have beaten them to the punch.
  13. Sure that isn’t some sort of medieval weapon a knight might carry in a tournament?
  14. Dang, you’d need a motor scooter to get from one wheel to the next when tacking. Or, I suppose since this is a gentleman’s boat, and gentleman don’t sail to weather, maybe a moot point. Boat never tacks, because it never sails. Seriously, I can see myself falling when trying to get to the wheel. Broken legs, arms, heck, I might even break my back again. Think I will stick with the Santana
  15. I tend to think for day sailors, a permanently mounted electric inboard is a great choice. Since, daysailing by definition, is a time limited activity, the time to worry about engine starting, fueling, oil changes, etc, makes electric a much easier option. Especially since the boat is usually stored near an electrical power source. However, for cruisers or day sailors that have a long distance from the slip to the sailing grounds, I am not a big fan of electric. Plus extra large solar panels stuck all over the boat are so "permanently docked live aboard." Backstory. At one ti
  16. One question and one statement. Question; if you are banned, how are you posting? Statement; worked for an employer who did not allow political activities of any kind including publicly expressing likes or dislikes for an individual or group of politicians or support of a political party. (Ref Pendleton act)…So, this really did a great job of avoiding getting into political arguments or losing friendships over politics. Worked out great for all the years I worked in that employ. However, up until almost the very end of that employment, getting banned from facebook or Sailing Anarc
  17. Anna’s new mast is here. Barring the unforeseen the rigging will be finished this week. Gotta get a way to power her into and out of a slip. Still work to be done, but at least, she is getting close to being on the water.
  18. Gentleman, the lady says she wants an enclosed head. Not a bucket, not a portapotti An Enclosed Head! Remember, when mama is happy, everyone is happy, when mama is mad...... So, lets make sure we only include an Enclosed Head. All this tough guy talk sounds big, but after the dollars are spent, its nice to come home to a smile and warm dinner, then a lumpy couch and misery throughout the house.
  19. Defiantly not my cup of tea (Freudian slip of the spell checker but I’ll take it) but, the bottom looks ok and the cabin looks a world better than any other camped out, live-aboard I’ve ever seen. Still, the topsides are horrible and the build material…worse. Nice job, bad boat.
  20. I for one think the Laser 28 is a very special boat, a timeless design that will be thought by many a generation of sailors to come; That said, an S2 7.9 is also a consideration. True she is an MORC style boat but she is rather quick and have heard she is a PHRF beater.
  21. As Henry Ford said, If you think you can or think you can’t, your right.
  22. One of my all time favorite little pictures. The first day Brenda sailed her Brand New Escape. She always had issues steering the boat. My philosophy is that to learn to steer (and sail) being a muscle memory/water/weather awareness issue, can best be learned by going out and doing it. So, we both came to the conclusion that a tiny beginner style boat would be something she could getr out and learn on. The little boat made the trip from North Sails in New Orleans to Caney Creek Lake in the back of a Suburban. Got her rigged and got “Her” sailing. We had become empty nes
  23. Forget petunia. A quick scrub with a brush, and she’ll look brand spanking new. Throw those sails into the Ms. clothes washer and bend em back on. Then you’ll have a racer probably ready to take on the latest foiling America’s Cup racers.
  24. Never had a mooring, but my father and his brother kept the E-Scow and later my uncle kept his first wooden C-Scow on moorings. Used an engine block from a Model T Ford as the anchor. Boat stayed right where it was supposed to. The real point, the boats had to stay wet to stay water tight. So, they had to stay in the water. The last wooden scow they owned, a Melges C-Scow (Gale III) was tight and dry and lived on a lift. (As had the middle fiberglass scow that was about as fast as an arthritic snail so it was gone pretty quick. The Kirste’s did not take to finishing at the bottom of the
  25. Being a southerner, I always like to see some snow in the winter. We do get some freezing weather. Got down into the 20’s a few times this year. But; I cannot fathom how you folks can stand such long hard winters. In the 50’s is typically a very cool Winter day for us. I pray for you.
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