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  1. The OSCAR system info is pretty light on detail. Given the price I would not be expecting much capability in the FLIR system used. You don't get much resolution or signal to noise until you pay serious money, and then you run into dual use technology restrictions. This is what real systems look like: https://www.safran-electronics-defense.com/naval-solutions/surface-vessels/surveillance-and-fire-control-systems The video promo only suggests an ability to avoid objects of the order of other boats and floating containers. Which is a long way from the requirements mooted. To be fair, i
  2. Seems we had this exact same conversation in 2017. Nothing if not consistent. IMHO the only thing that makes the tack look close is the amount of money involved if they touched. Otherwise SW nailed the move, unlike WOXI in 2017, when MR overcooked it, badly.
  3. It is worth reading the cited articles. The one from gCaptain covers most of the questions raised and only takes a few minutes. AIS is very likely going to become a self limiting technology very soon. A core problem is that it is intrinsically designed to only cope with limited number of vessels or other sources within the range of its visibility. This is due to the fixed number of slots in the time domain multiplexing. The design of the system assumed it was legitimate navigating vessels that would be fitted with systems. Once an area becomes cluttered with AIS transceivers operations c
  4. Pedantically, if it is an adjustment it isn't a fuse. The point of a fuse is that it breaks instead of something else. You want the thing that breaks to be the one that leaves you in the safest possible state relative to any of the things that the fuse is protecting failing would leave you in. If you break a foil you are probably out of contention to win the race. You can still reasonably expect to complete the race. (Which given in the VG completion gets you automatic selection into the next race is pretty important.) But drop the rig and you will not only not complete the race, but dependin
  5. Last leg up through the Suez Canal on the back of a freighter? It is getting just plain weird.
  6. Last time they added a virtual waypoint to the route around Santo Porto, making the leg closer to 2,000nm. So going to Capo Verde is about double; but with a pitstop it is closer to two 2,000nm legs. So each leg is no longer than last time’s first leg. It is odd. But if this is the intent, not totally insane. What is odd is that it will add nearly a week at the start of the race. Makes me wonder if there is some sort of timing constraint they are working around. Most likely involving commercial interests. Or maybe there is some insanely rich enthusiast on Capo Verde that wants to se
  7. I would guess it is a stop that breaks the first leg, Alicante to Lisbon. Last race they were diverting the boats out and around islands to make the leg a bit longer. Putting a pitstop at the turning point makes little difference to the race. Being on the first leg it might be a good opportunity to shake any small bugs out of the boats.
  8. No. Ironic that the attempt to align with IMOCA comes at the point where the single handed IMOCAs are really starting to optimise around their nature, and the advent of foils will probably drive that optimisation even harder into a different regime. So the design space will bifurcate in a manner that was not in any script demanding a multiple role boat. Any chance that a race contender boat could be a contender for both race roles is well and truly gone. On the up-side, a clear division is likely a good thing. Big dick comparisons between a crewed race with multiple stops and a single han
  9. Looking at the shape of the opening and the shadow in the hole it looks as if it is angled both forward and upwards, and looks as if it might intersect the deck near the midline forward of the mast. Given its size (not exactly small), and that angle, suggests it is intended to drain significant volumes of water from that area of deck. Maybe there is a more human friendly area there (ie actually concave), and it needs draining under some circumstances. Or maybe there is a magical sail handling setup that makes life easier for the skipper, and that needs a serious drain. But why the drain would
  10. Groan. That is a pretty wishy washy release. "more announcements expected in the coming weeks". Lordy, "expected"? Seriously? This seems to be an admission that they are well behind. I'm sure there are negotiations ongoing, but it really doesn't sound good.
  11. Much of this is treading ground that has been covered many times. There really doesn't seem to be a right answer. Comparing TOR with F1 racing is not a great start if you have been following the current woes in F1. Everyone is waiting with bated breath for the 2021 rules to drop in the next few weeks. They are intended to be the saviour of a formula that pretty much everyone agrees is in deep trouble. Only 2.5 teams at the top end of the pack, a pile of struggling mid-fielders that consider a single podium finish as a major achievement for the season, and the strugglers, who could wink ou
  12. The trouble with aluminium is that there is no safe load where it doesn't propagate cracks. Which is its dark secret. Most other metals you can reason about when cracks grow or not. But aluminium has a use by date that is baked in. (This worries me with the rise of aluminium in car construction. There are good reasons why Jaguar bond and weld their aluminium cars, and don't bolt them. Holes are the enemy. The cars won't rust, which means they may last a very long time - where cracks might become the dominant failure - which isn't a happy thought if you own one.) Carbon of course is nastie
  13. You could be right. I can’t say I have had enough enthusiasm to keep track. Which is a worry. If a fanboy like me is bored with progress, it doesn’t bode well for engaging a wider audience.
  14. And another VO-65 entry. https://yachtracing.life/mirpuri-foundation-announces-return-to-the-ocean-race/
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