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  1. You're looking at the wrong page. See under "First SE": https://www.beneteau.com/en/sailing-yachts/first-se
  2. @badia420 I like it. The flat shape makes it easy to store and it's multipurpose.
  3. Check out the Seascape beanbag. May or may not being sold thru Beneteau. Got mine when Seascape was still independent.
  4. The Torqeedo will probably survive it, will you?
  5. I'm using a Pelican iM2100 Storm Case with the Celestaire foam (requires a bit of cutting). Works great and is quite compact (smallest case that would fit the Astra IIIB).
  6. I have the hatch and the Torqeedo. The position of the hatch is right after the keelbox with stringers and is laminated to the deck. There is no flex in the deck. The hatch itself is indeed half an inch or maybe even less (it's a Plastimo hatch, you can probably find the spec on the Internet). It's not the most sturdy hatch but I don't know why you would want to continuously step on it. Tacking and Jibing alone is easiest if you do it forward of the main sheet (read: the hatch is not in your path). It's a small boat and storage of any kind is a premium. I use it for the Anchor, Fenders and a f
  7. It checks all the boxes for that and why/how I use it. Of the various extras I can highly recommend the extra storage hatch in the cockpit sole. The space is otherwise inaccessible and it's really useful for storing the anchor and fenders.
  8. I've had mine for 3 years now and I really like it and will keep her for a few more. No regrets or issues with the boat but I'd recommend to spend some time thinking about what you want to do with it. Chances are you'll be alone and my experience with the establishment has been that they'll either not let you participate in races (e.g. missing lifelines) or you're pitted against twice the size boats with 150% headsails in the non-Spi division where you're not allowed to fly the Gennaker or Code 0.
  9. I have used the NS 360.Pro for two seasons now. The reason I chose it over the Velocitek is because it combines the functionalities of the ProStart and Shift in one device for the price of one of them.
  10. Yes it does. Things like AWD, AWS seem correct from eyeballing. I don't know about the computed true values due to lack of a reference system. Some features such as Roll, Pitch and Compass (maybe this one is but hard to tell) are not exposed in the App.
  11. I have the Ultrasonic Portable (Bluetooth). It's solid and works as advertised but you have to be a DIY'er to really use/enjoy it at the moment. I have found using an App to get wind information isn't very practical.
  12. Bosh was already an investor in Torqeedo and Torqeedo was recently acquired by DEUTZ (industrial combustion engines). I'm personally still happy with my Torqeedo but some things are questionably flimsy.
  13. By pause I meant something that appears to be a ramp function. It takes about 2 seconds for the motor to catch up with the tiller when transitioning through neutral rapidly. The two seconds may feel like an eternity for the anxious man to abort and pull out of the slip. My 1003C was manufactured in early 2017 if I recall correctly. Anyways, my thought in regards to the remote throttle is that it's an add-on and has a shelf life of its own and was maybe manufactured way before they started to mitigate E45. But this is speculative on my end.
  14. Wondering: I think the brain box is in the tiller and one thing they did to mitigate E45 was to add a pause when switching direction to prevent rapid changes. Does the remote throttle do the same?
  15. I'd recommend to talk to Toralf. There is stuff on the price list that is mutually exclusive and other things that may or may not make sense for your sailing needs. The boat is sailing ready in its base configuration with high quality race grade fittings and gear (been mentioned before and can't be empathized enough). Everything else is kind of individual, dependent on your situation and I think you can walk away with a nice configuration that's smack between the two numbers that have been mentioned (+ delivery).
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