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  1. What country do I have to be in for the YouTube coverage?
  2. As someone who has sailed on a Class 40, and Imoca, and numerous TP52s I can tell you that none of them have been fitted with electric/non manual powered winches. What you see in your video at 07:52 is not black magic and the buttons being pushed are not go or stop buttons. They are foot buttons to engage the drive shafts from the grinding pedestal to turn the winches, a fully manual system. The AC is running fully manual driven winches and sail controls, which are electronically controlled. I agree it is next level and not for everyone. Ulitma tris are fully manual, including he
  3. Link to capsize video https://www.facebook.com/117247751657004/posts/2710768332304920/
  4. I have done 10 races, have NEVER been check on the day, there has been checks on the 24TH and safety gear checks, but never a fuel or water check on the day or otherwise. Only the question of 'do you have the capacity to store XXX Litres of water'
  5. So I know this happens before the Fastnet, but has there ever been safety inspections on the water pre race? Most of the tp52s only have 60-80L diesel tanks which is not enough for the rules, and I am guessing that they also don't have the capacity to carry the water required for the race.
  6. The Gooseneck on those boats is pretty good, single pin, so the boom pivots to where the load is, upwind obviously it is straight but downind it is angled between the leech of the main and the sheet so hitting the water is not as bad as if it were fixed Sounds like there were plenty of boats and people that haven't sailed in windy conditions for a long time. How is the hobart going to go in 50knots from any direction...
  7. Plenty of time for a repair, there is 24hrs in a day
  8. Maybe next year we can go with empty life raft shells and claim it wasn't in the rules haha
  9. So effectively, if Ichi Ban finish in working order, they should have the win covered, otherwise the winner will come from Gwello, Celestial, Zen. Teasing Machine is the unknown, and with a rating lower than an underarm delivery they will have a good chance, but the weight of the yacht could be an issue. Who knows what will happen in the motor boat division.
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