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  1. I love the look/idea of this thing Groucho.. can you start another thread about it? It much prefer to read about it right now than the Pulse. (Just jealous, cant afford one yet)
  2. craigjv


    https://www.google.com.au/search?q=TS42&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi2tP_E5YfMAhUDL6YKHcmRCiAQ_AUIBygB&biw=1536&bih=798 yeah, not bad.. Full foiling would be better ;-)
  3. Looks like it still maintains the'Weta' experience; it looks as wet as a beach cat, thats a pretty light sea-state. Probably a bit less payload/weight redistribution and it will perform better- How well does that submarining foredeck cover keep the vegemite sanga's dry? Looks fun!
  4. it now has the farrier folding system AFAIK It is not like I would design and as such cannot be called the Farrier Folding System™. It is thus an unendorsed copy and details so far are fairly sketchy, but I would not have the beam pivot points so close together. I would also have concerns about the fore and aft strength, particularly if folding on the water while motoring, or in small waves. If thinking of buying, then be sure to check these aspects carefully first, and just don't presume it is okay because it looks a bit like my system. Otherwise it has some interesting fea
  5. from this page http://sail.corsairmarine.com/development-update-14 Folding System The biggest modification is the folding system. We have moved away from the soft lower strut system which was simply too hard to use and in reality didn’t offer the rigidity we required for this product. We have now replaced this with a new anodised aluminium folding system. Similar in concept to our larger Corsair models however the new folding system uses a solid “V-shaped” lower strut on all four beams. The complexity of the geometry involved is particularly high as the buoyancy of the float will dictate
  6. According to this development update from mid April; the screecher runs off the bow, the sprit is an optional extra.. http://sail.corsairmarine.com/development-update-15-on-the-pulse-600
  7. Well done Doug; it took a long time but it looks like its worth the wait- for the observers AND for you! What will ChrisO, ZeroTheHero and others have to do with all their time now..? Maybe they'll go out and do some sailing, or design a boat that someone ACTUALLY wants to buy? I have to hand it to you; your resilience to their attacks over a prolonged period was admirable; many other grown men would probably have gone home and hung up their skates, but you stuck to your guns. It looks like it did a couple of rapid wobbles when its up on the foils, was that due to the small wavelets, your
  8. Certainly is. I hope you have been able to get another boat. I sailed an I23 once from Brooklyn to Pt Hacking - very nice little cat, quite adequate for cruising and as for racing, well just ask Kurt Ottowa about "Blitz". Thanks for the condolences, since then Ive owned a Haines/farrier Tramp tri then TT680 tri and now currently an old classic powerboat, a haines hunter v16c while experimenting with proas.. I would definitely like another i23, as long it was the trailerable sliding beams version (so I can take it home to hide from cyclones). I sailed it everywhere, sometimes loaded up wit
  9. Unfortunately it got 'Yasi-ed'.. Its a bit hard to see in the pics but there used to be a large mangrove tree where the sand patch can be seen, this got uprooted by the storm surge.. The cat was tied in amongst surrounding mangroves from all four corners, where it had survived several previous cyclones including a direct hit to our town. Yasi was 600km away but its storm surge caused 2-3m swells that pumelled our shores throughout the night.
  10. Looks kinda related to thishttp://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/empire-bay/sail-boats/23-ft-international-sailing-cat/1036774480 International 23 was a Crowther Design, built by Norm Silva. How do I insert a pic....? Ive got a good photo of my Int23 on a travel hoist; you can see the similarities... Which is why the beast currently on ebay always caught my eye when trolling the internet sales.. My best guess would be to say "at least based on crowther design thinking at the time" .. Seriously.. Ive been a part of this forum for several years and never posted a picture before. ....URL..
  11. WTF is this design? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/sailing-catarmaran-/111261673881?pt=AU_Boats&hash=item19e7b66999&_uhb=1 Im guessing a 'not so fast Aust multi', notwithstanding the "gun boat" claims..? Ive seen it for sale on and off over the last few years, in similar beater condition.
  12. AN OLDER FAST AUS MULTI? Going cheap, be quick.. add some lifting foils and join the revolution today! No personal connection/interested in this vessel. I PROMISE! What is this beast recycled from, an old Piver..? http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/seaford/sail-boats/trimaran-sailing-boat/1029624988
  13. "My boy" is condescension. I don't care how long it takes the man to build his boat. What I get from his CONTRIBUTIONS here is his passion for info and sharing it in a free forum. So Oh Chris, you first apologies to me and then you insult me by saying that I like bullshit. I am fully qualified to form my own opinnions about info presented here and I don't need a priest to interupt the word of god for me either. I will not respond further to give you the best possible chance to get in the last word as it appears to be very important to you. +1. I guess I now know why they invented the '
  14. Actually, In typical ChrisO style, you set up a negative argument with a tiny grain of evidence as your pillar of truth while blinkered to any other reason that doesnt serve your line. I quoted a list of people who actually have real sailing experience, and tho one quoted MAY WELL be a blubbering goofball (GJ?), I can assure you that the others are amply qualified to make this judgement. I could probably also quote several dozen old salts from my local yacht club (with more match races under their belt than you have had keyboard strokes in forums no doubt) who are all enthralled by this A
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