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  1. if you really don,t want to scare the shit out of your family while sailing don't touch elliotts or ross or clubman. too expensive anyway. a more sedate ride is a noelex, apart from that trimarans, but again too expensive.
  2. Pete i have gone back to the bridle, as i am a laser sailor and cant get used to the flicking around the back, and it has worked for me. However i have not used the amas , but have drilled a hole thru the skin at the gunwhale back from the amas. So much easier , you have to extend the tiller of course, all my capsizes have been while tacking to retrieve the extension. cheers
  3. FYI i raced glen today, he had the ST, me square top main, in 10knts was not particularly quick to windward but was impressed with the quality of the ST setup. cheers
  4. paul there have been problems with the mast track especially the bottom when feeding in, and especially the square top. I have tried several times to get that black track, featured on the forums, from NB sail sports by buying online , it looks like it proceeds to checkout but fails. Do they actually sell it? Have you any idea why? rod
  5. PWB this computer is slower than me , now I get it. We know from another weta sailors experience what happens to dyneema and also badly made wire shrouds. rl
  6. PWB the main halyard made of dyneema , well the silver rope stuff,works great. How could it be more drag, and less damaging than the wire on the ferrule.I don't recommend for the shrouds. Missing you at LCSC
  7. has weta interenational adopted the new ratings for light weight boats and square top mains? I ask this because there are a few unhappy weta sailors in my club sailing older heavier boats which are now uncompetitive and unsaleable . the local agent is now sailing a new boat against us , he was quick before now he is super quick and says there is no need for a ratings adjustment for equity. i hope australian weta assoc. sorts this out otherwise members will desert the assoc. RL .
  8. I have a very yellow weta and i have a E650 called Slippery Deck when i register my weta it gets a variety of names , wetandslippery, B3 (bananas in pyjamas), Lady finger (bananas).
  9. You are going to need a big trailer for that
  10. i can't see the strop working if you want to adjust rake of mast, which i think has a big influence on performance. And the ball thingy don't see how you would need it, but hoping to see plywoodboy's application.
  11. I think the traveller system is ok, but now because the sheet position is behind the end of the tiller you have to cross over the main sheet rope. Not like a laser where the sheet is lead forward on the boom to the forward cockpit. Only a problem in heavy winds when you have to work the sheet. My 2 bobs worth.
  12. Hi all So I have mothballed my laser, and bought a weta, sailed last week for the first time and can't get over this putting the tiller extension out the back of the boat when tacking. Has anyone tried the laser method , bridle over the top of extension and forward of blocks? What could go wrong? Thanks
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