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  1. A composites engineer was consulted. We have done a 60 footer since. There is plenty of room to pass to the accommodation forward of the masts. Happy boating. Derek
  2. Flopping around is not how you could describe Cool Change in any conditions. She has met all conditions, including at anchor in 70 kts gusting higher - setting wings toed in.. We decided that a little weight could have been saved with a v slightly lighter structure allowing .a little more flexibility. I have noted that some other designers have gone for lighter round section masts. The wing shape gives a lot more F and A stiffness. Obviously the structural design needs to be right. I would go this way if I was ever to build and own cruising cat. Happy boating. Derek.
  3. Hi - 54 ft. Cool Change owner built by Don and Marilyn Logan has twin side by side freestanding wing masts, which they also built. She has clocked about 55,000 Sea miles in about 15 years. She is fast on all tacks. Headsails were planned but never fitted - saw no need. The wings have never been taken down. Easy and v interesting to sail. Not the cheapest but not too high cost when counting the v little other deck fittings needed. Part of the performance comes from the clean foil shape of the wings and sails and the lack of standing rigging. KSS (Kelsall Swiftsure Sandwich) f
  4. I would always choose the shallowest possible for cruising - Bahamas, beaching etc. Some compromise as there is some more work to do in build. We have used single central board and single lifting rudder and v. happy with the result, particularly when including a trim board in one or both transoms. STEERING is simpler. We have always offered some form of lifting boards and rudders for DIY clients. Cool Change Happy boating has boards, lifting rudders and props retract into the hulls. Happy Boating, Derek
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