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  1. nroose

    INEOS Team GB

    Decisions like that, I guess, are about personal/business connections and availability. Each engine has it's advantages and disadvantages. I guess it won't be so important, though, since that vehicle is mostly about how it looks, and how it makes the owners feel.
  2. nroose

    INEOS Team GB

    Yeah, I keep thinking this thing is a car designed by someone who really likes older Defenders. Really don't see the point. Niche appeal I guess. There are all manner of guys who dream of producing a retro vehicle.
  3. nroose

    Prada Cup

    Sometimes the slower boat is going to be leading back. I just want to see them not early for the start. I just really want to see that. I will be very sad if we don't.
  4. nroose

    INEOS Team GB

    Yeah. Not exactly a looker. But probably nice inside. And that helipad.
  5. nroose

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Yes, it will be very interesting to see the racing! I am guessing the low deck, pods, and sail on NZ are really great for the end-plating, but probably not resulting in extra sail area that is particularly effective. Admittedly just based on my imagination.
  6. nroose

    Prada Cup

    The OCS is not relevant. It happened after, and it doesn't apply anyway. Seems fantastical to assume anyone would know whether that INEOS tack in that situation was slower than normal or not. LR didn't tack to port. So that is hypothetical and you would have to provide more detail than is possible to provide for a clear judgement. No, it's not OK to hit another boat in these races. It's not dinghy team racing. Probably that exact situation won't happen again. Hopefully the boats learn that they can't slow down so they shouldn't be early. That's the low hanging fruit.
  7. nroose

    Prada Cup

    When, in the history of match racing was it required that the offset penalty be exactly the same amount of advantage as the original penalty?
  8. nroose

    INEOS Team GB

    Seems ironic that you are talking about Ben's opposition, rather than Ben, staying aboard their own boat.
  9. nroose

    Prada Cup

    What race are you talking about? Jimmy won... Partly because Ben had to give up a bunch of distance in the race in which they were both over the line. I kinda think it's unfair that if they are both OCS, it gets cancelled, but I also think that if you are OCS, you don't get to decide whether the other boat gets a tiny advantage from it.
  10. nroose

    Prada Cup

  11. nroose

    Prada Cup

    Yeah, I kinda agree, but if you go over early, you don't have much to complain about, so if the other is over early, you just don't go over early. In general, it seemed like the boats were getting back to the start line early most of the time and that seems like a problem. In most boats, slowing down isn't so much of a problem, but these boats don't really do that.
  12. nroose

    Prada Cup

    Scott has more people waiting 4 hours for his video than AC has waiting 1.5 for the awards ceremony!
  13. nroose

    Prada Cup

    You're saying they are intentionally early?
  14. nroose

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    I don't know. I think LR sailed much better than Britannia and I am not sure the boats were as uneven as they looked.
  15. nroose

    Prada Cup

    Seems like these crews have not really figured out how to start? I keep trying to figure out why they are pretty much always early to the start. It is just that these boats are just so fast.