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  1. That's weird. I didn't even know it was on there. I am in the US. It's not blocked at all on YT for me. The AC was blocked on YT for me unless I was on a VPN. At first I tried to do NZ on my VPN, but then somehow it thought that was in Australia, where it was also blocked, so I switched to doing Switzerland on my VPN. Seemed a bit silly for them to beam it from New Zealand to Switzerland and for me to stream it from Switzerland, but I guess that is how things work these days. At any rate, there was a significant barrier to watching it from here in the US. Either you needed a VPN or you needed
  2. Agree, but the one caveat is that the AC had multiple coverage partners. SailGP is YT only.
  3. These guys look like they are posing for a preview of some TV series about former cop private detectives or something like that. Like they are determined to put on their game faces without actually having any real game. But I hope they will work on their game!
  4. I guess the problem there was that it was free on YouTube in other places and many of us preferred that coverage and are savvy enough to sign up for a VPN. (And for some reason, YouTube and other streaming platforms have stopped trying to defeat those). I guess it would be more "successful" (more revenue, fewer viewers) if there were no regions that had free to view live coverage.
  5. 90 boats. That's outstanding!
  6. Their website has an unfortunate image magnification feature.
  7. I guess at least now they are saying 45kph to get a foiling tack. But I guess 30kph to foil.
  8. I don't have a caption, but I just want to say that I am really glad this didn't happen to that boat in the background.
  9. Also, I was kinda joking, and I know they would never do this.
  10. Yeah. Perhaps if the helm was live mic to the coverage, that would change a little. And if it was just he helm, not as much of a cacophony.
  11. Last summer I very much enjoyed when the baseball coverage mic'ed up a player in the field and they chatted with the announcers during the game while playing the field. I think SGP would be better if the coverage was just the helms all being mic'ed. They could save all sorts of money and decision making. They wouldn't even have to have the pressers, so it would save viewer time too!
  12. I thought they said 30.
  13. It's this thing that is happening in many sports. The rules are designed to protect the athletes, and the athletes take advantage of them by faking the fouls. It happens in soccer, basketball, sailing, etc. I guess that is the way it has to be. But it also kinda sucks. And I am not sure it doesn't make some situations more dangerous.
  14. Since they modularized the wings, they have had the 24 sized one and that was the bigger one, and so, originally designed to go with the light air foils. Though I am not sure it really matters if those are always matched. I think the rudder and the daggerboard would always be matched, but perhaps there is some difference in crossover wind speed between the wings and the foils. I think they had 2 sets of foils before they had more than one wing.
  15. I think they had the 2 different foils (and rudders?) from the beginning, no? Or perhaps at least they had them since the current generation of foils, which may have not been from the beginning. And they only started with the one 24 meter non-modular wing. Then I think they added the smaller wing by making it modular. Seems to me like until they actually have the new light air wing, the medium air wing is the big one. The official names are 24 meter and 18 meter, so of the two that are in use, the 24 meter one is the big/tall one. I think it was/is accurate for Aarhus to say big/tall for
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