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  1. Seems like if you think "woke" is a bad thing, you are by definition asleep. Sweet dreams, Bill!
  2. Seems like the people with the resources and will to fund and run AC campaigns have just gotten more thirsty for high tech everything. And high tech has gotten more exciting. It's not much of an incentive to create a whole new class if it's not going to be much more dramatic and different and high tech and fast.
  3. What about something like this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KX5A7NW?
  4. This is true. It's because the NZ boat was more powerful and the LR boat was more efficient. There was not a difference when they were not affecting each other. That was shown over and over again.
  5. The only data that shows the NZ boat being faster is the data that includes when the boats were affecting each other. If you actually watched, you would have seen that the NZ boat called the shifts better, made fewer mistakes, and otherwise were just as good. That counts as outsailing to me.
  6. I look around for a Laser for sale every so often. Seems like there should be more for sale, with so many out there. I guess people just keep them. Any advice on how to get the cheapest Laser and be able to race?
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Renaming
  8. I watched a lot of the racing. What I saw was the italians outsailing the brits and then the kiwis outsailing the italians. All 3 of the boats were very close in speed when one wasn't in the gas. I don't really like the Kiwis. They seem to be OK blokes, but just too cold for me. Ben is a great sailor. Jimmy is a great competitor. But it's more than just the one guy and the boat. The Kiwis just sailed better overall.
  9. Any thoughts on what it should be updated to?
  10. I remember that the dog v cat event unfortunately had diesels on board to power the hydraulics. not sure what part of the deed prohibits batteries.
  11. I had forgotten about this. Certainly this makes at least one of the new rules ironic!
  12. I am guessing most of the audience for this actually does...
  13. I am guessing it would not be remote controlled, but AI controlled. I think it would be a shame. But I would watch.
  14. It's a factor of the amount of power and drag of the leeward/ahead boat. It's an enormous distance for a large schooner or square rigger with all the sails up. It's very small for a boat like a moth. I think it's large for AC75, but they are both powerful and efficient and low drag, so I don't really know how to figure it.
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