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  1. You are an adrenaline junkie!
  2. INEOS got the favored end after that!
  3. Nice to be able to swim in the harbor! I guess the water is about 70f/21c.
  4. Yeah. For a boat behind to not lose anything through the whole race, that pretty clearly means they don't have a speed problem. In fact it may mean they have a speed advantage.
  5. Who's in control of the foil arms? I am guessing Ben thought he would get the hook right away, and he was close. So he kept trying. But if they would have just raised that foil a few seconds earlier, I think they would have had a few knots more speed and would have gotten the hook.
  6. Seems like INEOS had both boards in the water too long when they were trying to get the hook in the start. Why?
  7. In this day and age, if you have any technical education, nil and 0 are not the same.
  8. Almost crew overboard on INEOS!
  9. I always go to the AC channel page and it shows up at the top of the list as soon as it is on. I don't think they set it up ahead of time like some channels. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo15ZYO_XDRU9LI30OPtxAg
  10. OTOH, AM was ahead of LR when they were knocked over.
  11. really? They are disqualifying safe old boats? After this fantastic edition? Shit.
  12. I used the free US NBCSN coverage last night. Good enough for me. Without the hassle of the VPN, and good old 'Merican fast food ads.
  13. I guess I have not had much match experience, but if you are lower than the other boat, and especially if your head is at their stern, you can avoid the hunt. And I don't think BR was that early.
  14. Doesn't make sense to me. I am closer if I am not on course when my bow passes their stern. As I pass their stern, I am heading up already since they are moving and I am coming up as they move, and since I am coming up as I pass their stern, the middle rest of my boat is closer than if I was on course when passing. And I was low and fast the whole time, so if I want to, I can go higher for a moment. I don't see how that's different for the AC75s.
  15. When I am ducking, I head straight toward the stern of the other boat. Is there some other thing that is better to do? Why can't Ben do that even if he is to windward when he knows he has to duck?
  16. To me it looked like they would not have been able to get the hook.
  17. (This link is directly to the moment when Ben says "Today we came up short. Tomorrow we won't.")
  18. I first tried AUS, but that didn't work the second time. Switzerland has worked every time. Funny ads, though.
  19. I am looking forward to the racing today. Not sure if this was posted or if everyone saw/heard it, but Ben served notice that they will be better today:
  20. I am not sure if you are saying easing the main out of a tack/gybe is fast or slow. I think it is overrated. Seems like it is fast some of the time, but slow most of the time for me. Or at least that most people do it to an extent that is too much and end up slower than if they just go straight to their new trim as fast and smoothly, and as coordinated as possible.
  21. There are a bunch of situations when it is not really true. Especially if the boat behind is faster.
  22. I think the 26 second margin is not really backing up the idea that they were faster at every moment. Often when one boat is ahead, it does seem like that. And the speeds of these boats make 26 seconds look like a lot because of the distance they can sail in 26 seconds.
  23. It was one of those days when the lead boat has the advantage. 26 seconds could definitely be most of that leader's advantage. They might have a slight speed disadvantage, but if they were ahead, they may have been able to overcome that. But yeah, more speed would help too.
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