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  1. The issue was a wind shift that was not reflected in the margin when they were on opposite sides of the course.
  2. He's steering half the time so his HR is have the rate!
  3. When they go around the leeward mark, it seems like it gets closer, but it's really just the fact that they are faster downwind. So the commentary about INEOS gaining is not correct.
  4. Looks like NBCSN is a minute or two delayed.
  5. I was expressing an opinion. And you did react.
  6. Seems like that is out of context. Every detail of these boats affects performance.
  7. Yeah. The website has the dates in browser time zone, but times in nz time zone. That's the issue.
  8. My impression is that the races are Saturday Feb 13, starting at 16:00 Sunday Feb 14, starting at 1600 Both New Zealand time. That is from https://www.americascup.com/en/prada-cup but that is a little hard to extract from that page. And for US times, that is 1900 or 7pm PST or 2200 or 10pm EST.
  9. Oh, wow! I have it on my listings as well!
  10. I am amazed that Ben still trots out the trope that the rules violation they committed was not "performance enhancing". That is just BS. He needs to drop it.
  11. GB is favored in the betting odds. Not complicated. They also won the round robin and got a bye to the finals. And their skipper/helm/team principal is the most decorated olympic sailor in history. But it seems like it's not as heavily favored as I would expect.
  12. For the AC? Generally I think the NZ audience for the America's Cup is larger than the US Audience for the America's Cup, even though NZ is much smaller than the US. Perhaps that was not true in the 80s or 90s.
  13. DC was(is?) famous for always talking shit at the pressers. He always found something to be outraged about.
  14. I think that is a good way to do it. And I think they will. But I also think that the reality of the expense of putting this type of thing on is that the need to have the option of holding it somewhere else. And I think the fans should support that. I was disappointed that Larry and Russel took the cup to Bermuda instead of keeping it here in the SF Bay, but I still was a fan and watched. I don't really think they did very many things well, and I think they are bad people, but I was still happy to have The Cup locally and sad to see it go away. And I don't have the billions to help support the
  15. So if they have a world series event in NZ, you are OK with having the cup elsewhere? Or you think no one should race sailboats outside of NZ?
  16. The whole point of doing it would be because they would get support from the government and sponsors around the new venue. Seems like the public good will is great, but I would think they would still have that. Does the public not cheer when the NZ rugby team wins in Europe?
  17. Elaborate? New Zealanders are famous for traveling the world. Seems like the team has had big support from people all over the country every time they went elsewhere to challenge. And the people managing the team have been very diplomatic and well received where they have gone to sail.
  18. There're all sorts of possible explanations. One is that LR got a gust, which would change their apparent. Another is that UK didn't want to head up for strategic reasons. A third is if the gust was also a shift, LR would have seen an apparent wind direction change and UK might not have. Measuring the wind accurately at these speeds is pretty dicey.
  19. Seems like it needs to be tightly coordinated with the wheel, so if you can have one person do the 2 things, that is better.
  20. Someone figured it out and threatened to reveal it?
  21. yeah, probably to survive, you need to spend a decade pretty much full time... And have support from a bunch of people. Alternatively, you can do a different big ocean race on a smaller boat and it will be much easier.
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