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  1. Shock 40 in Melbourne for the Summer???? (Edit: Going to Brisbane) As for a coach, Brett Young would be worth while looking into, he is based is Adelaide but spends a bit of time in VIC.
  2. Yendys? The most backward city I can think of. Edialeda? I like it, but it will be Yendy's for Hammo and maybe Airlie. Just a charter. Boat is owned by Karl Kwok. Not sure if it will stay in OZ though.
  3. Yendys? The most backward city I can think of. Where is Bribon now? WTF? Not in the USA so why would you give a f*ck? Thanks for the bump in the thread though, forgot about this one, good work keeping it up the top of the pile.
  4. Bribon not headed for VIC. Will be landing in Brisbane soon, will be at Hammo named after a certain backwards city.
  5. That will fix it. And there is currently only one Chutzpah? You should get out more I wouldn't know how many Chutzpahs are still active, maybe there should be one more??? I get out plenty, thanks for your concern.
  6. And who named the boat that???? If it's the one that came out of Westernport Marina, it was called, wait for it.... Midnight Rambler. Could that be the above mentioned IOR 40? The Hick was changed after sale, I saw it in Melbourne a while back and was named something else. Putting the "name withheld" aspect aside, i can understand they want to rename the boat because it is pretty famous under that name after winning the 1998 hobart? Yeah, as above.... a bit sad. Make their own history with the boat. Happy for you, but I can't understand why you would ever do it
  7. Can any of you blokes tell me what the Hick 35 ex Midnight rambler and ex Chutzpah was called during it's stint in Melbourne? It's back in Sydney now and re-named Midnight Rambler, causing a bit of confusion during last Friday nights race to Flinders, they were out for a "practice run" and radioing in with Sydney coastal patrol. We were doing the race on the same patch of water..... We can't work out why they would re-name her back to Midnight Rambler, if they wanted the orginal name it was Chutzpah wasn't it?? For the record, the boat was sold with the name withheld, was in the
  8. Shogun to run a 2 boat program, current boat for offshore, new boat to take on Hooligan in the regatta's. Have seen pictures of Dolly's recently completed spray job, looks really good. Would seem strange to go to the effort only to sell....... Wouldn't it???
  9. So is this the end of the "Melbourne Big Boat Fleet" thread? Or simply re-name it, "Melbourne can't sustain a Big boat fleet"? Shame, this is one of my favourite threads on SA. As for the potential K40 owner, would this be the same former div 0 owner who has bit of a love affair with UK designers, hope not because that would be the kiss of death on a great boat given his history with dogs.......
  10. Well perhaps they had better organize some managment for that anger.
  11. Hmm, I know a current long term Sydney 38 owner from Sydney was looking very closely at it. Not the same guys who were looking at the second hand Soto though.
  12. So, J24 nationals for you.......? Unfortunately, yes. Woe is me... Mex Heard as much.... see you there
  13. Hey Shane, how are you. hows the baby, how old now? You must be looking forward to the Nationals on the Harbour.

    Have fun, Steve

  14. So there is a new Chutzpah in town?? Back to the future?? The old Syd 47 Terra Firma is on it's way out of town also.... Happy new owner has good plans for it!
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