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  1. Andrews forgot to legislate the payment being incurred for quarantine. The taxpayer right now is paying for it.
  2. The premiers are in breach of section 92. of the constitution.
  3. The race has Officially been cancelled.
  4. This is not just my view. Morrison has given people plenty of time to come back to Australia. I believe if you have been away from Australia for more than the visa granted in the country you are staying, the Govt. should be doing very little to get you back.
  5. There isn’t a lot of sympathy for stranded Australians overseas anymore IMV.
  6. https://twitter.com/Rach_Riley/status/1340168112969142272?s=20
  7. Tasmania has the surge capacity to increase it’s hotel capacity by a margin. You could get all crews to do a test 2 days before they set for sail. Only those who test - would be allowed to sail. Though symptoms develop over a range of days.
  8. No chance the race goes ahead. Premier Gutwein would absolutely cop it if an outbreak occured. The alternative could be all the crews have to spend 2 weeks mandatory quarantine on arrival into Hobart in designated hotels.
  9. NSW will contain the cluster very well. Their contact tracing is forensic. The reason why they are successful is due to their public health teams. They have a localised approach where they engage and work in unison with GP’s and local hospitals. The main reason Victoria struggled is DHHS is centralised and it is very large. As a result, Andrews is de-merging DHHS. Unlike other premiers, Gladys backs this and doesn’t hide behind lockdowns.
  10. The reason why there are so many stranded Australians is the states apart from NSW aren’t doing any heavy lifting with quarantine at hotels. Hard to blame Morrison and the feds at all. There is a reason he has an approval rating of +60 and is going to win the next federal election easily.
  11. Comanche up to 22 kts. now. She has stretched her legs
  12. These conditions are set up for Black Jack
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