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  1. At the time, I had been only too happy to see a brass plate with " design by Philip L. Rhodes". How's that about misplaced trust
  2. Although I would rank a Biscay crossing in a mine sweeper which moved in the gale, hour after hour, as an IOR boat before a death roll as one of my more frightening experiences ........
  3. Second you 100% on the press. We came back, retired, in the middle of the night. After a few hours sleep and a quick phone call home, we regrouped on the Plymouth quay. Then comes this guy, long gray hairs and a "Colombo" like raincoat. "How did you guys on "Javlin" do ?" he says in French. A lot of ?????? were surrounding our heads till we realise we wear early "Javlin" fleece jackets . After introducing himself as the reporter sent by the largest french tabloïd, he went straight to his concern, "have you lost any friends ?" telling us the Dutch warship was bringing back corpses.
  4. Thank you for the story P. Wop. When we reached Plymouth (retired) I felt we were no where as decent sailors as we previously thought .... just to hear a lot of stories and tick-off a number of "bad job" boxes. Now, 40 + years later, you help me tick te last remaining box: "unable to keep a proper DR for very long hours" . Thanks PS: no engine and no electronics bar the RDF.
  5. Tabasco V !! a Joubert-Nivelt "close follow-up" on their 79 admiralers "Dugenou" and "Accanito", and the way to things to come with their succesful"Diva" series. Has the added advantage to hv been built by this supreme Swiss yard "Egger" .
  6. Clear ! You are right I was not commenting the fate of "Occitane" , but thought this was a good indication that Company secretaries worldwide are looking hard at expenses be it shop rents and manning or "promotional expenses". Everything points out to Money being harder to come in the years to come.
  7. Could be ... although he looks to me as a pretty sensible guy ......
  8. Occitane: Not too surprising that, with malls and "non essential" shops repeteadly closed in a number of coutries, an international owner would request a severe revisal of the P & L account. When this company , last week, filed Chapter 11 for their US shops, the writing was on the wall for "non essentials" expenses. Unfortunately this might be an hint of things to come.
  9. As for NYYC I don't know .. yet .. but other teams have fabricated steel rudder blades, as was the case in Bermuda already. By hear say the choice of material would result from the profile and at the same time the need to make room for elevator commands going inside. As for shafts I do not know.
  10. Hard to stop Samsara's original owner was Odile Tran Van Dom, a Vietnamese lady who, through scholarships, had made her own way through the French universities to become a highly rated psychanalist. Her most famous research having been to link Freud with Buddhism !?! the yacht's name is no surprise. She loved yachts and yacht racing as a great mix of "art" "human interaction" and "communion with nature" Odile went to sail calmer seas 4 years ago.
  11. Now, lets think we are on the fishing vessel slowly trawling a big apparatus. The IMOCA lights, low on the water appear at a very short distance. -quickly covered by the other boat travelling at 20 knots . Hard to make any significant move. Had to make any guess without knowing if the fishing vessel was actually fishing (given the location there is a high probablility) and which course it was running v/s Boris's course.
  12. I was referring to the production model too, your first hand experience is therefore good information for me :) Really would like to see the lines of both boats ! PS: Samsara's original owner split her "sailing life" between France and U.K , so she had alternative seasons under either flag, a number of people from both countries had the opportunity to sail the boat.
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