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  1. Absolutely and this is the point especially for this type of race! They do consume more power of course but these boats can afford it
  2. They are generally not as accurate as the rotating models.... The big question is how much accuracy do you need. I agree I don't know why they don't use the solidstate sensors more there are several manufacturers and models to choose from and are well proven having been around for 20 years or so now.
  3. Because he bears off to a run and de-powers to do it. Standard practice with furling headsails (or should be)
  4. Lyttelton. Christchurch doesn't have anywhere sensible to park.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/groups/320396431308/permalink/10157989976911309/ Hope this can be copy pasted into your browsers... Setin in a drifter south of Stanley. Pics by one of the local air taxi pilots.
  6. Yea he runs charters to the Antarctic Peninsula with a Cigale 16 (spelling?). Great guy on the circuit.
  7. Surely they will use lithium batteries... A couple of orders of magnitude lighter than the examples you give.
  8. That port foil hit the water almost flat. The forces transmitted up the arm to the hull pivot must have been huge. My bet is that there is a crack there!
  9. MERCI seems to be heading into Dunedin. Guess he doesn't fancy getting a hammering from the two systems coming in over the next couple of days. Don't blame him I don't like to see triangles on my wind gribs either!
  10. It must be earlier than that. As soon as he rounds the Horn he is in Argentina's rescue zone and Chile would not be operating there. I don't think the Armada de Chile would be impressed with being referred to as the Army either !
  11. Baby oil or coconut oil. just apply over the sika, paint, or whatever..... and wait. In a few hours it will be off. it works its way along the skin and under the substance. No scrubbing required.
  12. Nobody uses Signal so there is no point. Less functionality and the same end to end security ... it's opensource'; which I like but it aint no use unless there is somebody on the other end
  13. WhatsApp is the app of choice for seamen everywhere. It works. It is non-compelled so messages arrive when the signal is good etc. It works on very low bandwidth links. We install lots of satellite comms on small (and large) fishing vessels as well as yachts and always have to allow WhatsApp through the firewall
  14. Only post the plain text then, please, everybody can read that !
  15. I still think Yannick is best positioned. Just eyeballing the GRIBS as I scrolled though I couldn't see where the routing was getting a faster route to the finish from. I guess there was just a narrow corridor there that worked on the numbers just for the last couple of days, and I am guessing that the guys more to the east were/are gambling for a break. My routing has him first to the finish again buy a couple of hours over APIVA... but with 16 - 17 days (ish) to the finish anything could happen :) Yannick has the most options sitting where he is, currently sailing into more press
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