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  1. UptiP is that now a registered trade mark?
  2. Yes I understand, I feel a bit sorry about feeding him the troll but they need food too.
  3. Hah still no info and I can sense the panties getting tighter. Sorry all on vacation in Hawaii and its the only time I ever have the time to read all of the spewing
  4. Waiting for your wisdom doug please do explain. I just want Doug to go sailing once since his last attempt at foiling. I would also like him to explain in his own words what is the difference between heave and pitch stability. I.e. no cut and paste
  5. What's it to you Doug Please show your firm grasp on all thing foiling by explaining the difference between heave and pitch stability
  6. Maybe Doug you should go sail one
  7. If you've got any influence at all over that half witted sh**-stirrer clean please get him to back off. He's pushing your class into a split and bad feeling that could last for years.

    best regards

    Jim Champ

    former president, UK Cherub Class

  8. Good luck at Worlds!

  9. I'm using a jib sheet arrangement popular on big boats, that gets the load almost vertical to the track. The jib sheet enters mast 18 feet above deck, and gets double ended in mast, exits the mast below and is lead aft to cleats in cockpit. The jib sheet will be 3mm dyneema outside the rig to minimize friction and windage. This gets the jib sheet easily in reach of both the crew and helmsman. I can have either 2 or 4:1 on the sheet (4:1 shown on image). Ok much better than the 49er arrangement that I was imagining. Glad to see you know better!
  10. I might be wrong but i think if the track was oriented more normal to the axis of travel it might be a good thing. It seems like there would be a lot of torque on the the harken track and i have had issues sometimes with those when they are loaded up normal...
  11. F'ing cool! this would not happen to be for lewis? Any chance you will have it floating in feb when the moth circus comes to town?
  12. Hi Bora

    Had a look at the new Chris Williams Cuben Fibre sail at North Cape Town and will be trying it this weekend. Cheers Stephen (Major Tom)

  13. Amac and I gave you guys a flyby in the Bladeriders. Nice looking boat, i want one
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