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  1. So many projects and good posts to catch up on . . . will have to wait until September to properly catch up. Thanks esp to Rennie for the VNRs. Best wishes to all the racers and posters: looks like a fine thread, but can't compete with our boats now launched and an interesting summer up ahead (record low lake levels--docks are 20' below our usual levels, so there will be lots of great shorelines to explore). With family and our sailing bubble all having had 2nd jabs, we are sooooo ready to be out on the water doing our version of the Three Peaks Race. Cheers all
  2. from Begonia's blog a few days later: http://sv-footprint.blogspot.com
  3. Ah yes. Wish list here is for always on tracker (4 hr "official" updates), Race Experts, and Raw Feed media again. Since they have the infrastructure in Alicante to allow 2s updates, maybe we can see something like Boris' Malizia page. Hope they leverage the tracking to give more SatAIS feeds, especially since they will be so often close to shore based stations around Europe. Hope also to see the TOR race plans to include a refreshed team of Race Experts: very useful: A new twist would be seeing a Race Experts team like Boris Herrmann, Miranda Merron and Isabelle Joschke looking at
  4. Yeah, agree that 11th hr is the favourite in IMOCA for their hours aboard and experience racing. I might have ranked Thomas Ruyant higher for the expert management ashore with Marcus Hutchinson (I think Marcus is still with Thomas), but Mark Towill is managing 11th hr, even if Mark is not aboard as usual. 11th hr in TOR-E is up against more of short coastal races than TransAts, and Charlie also needs to overcome navigating close to the many rusty boats and sailors fleeing Europe's COVID confinements this summer. This will be a hectic --regatta?--and so expect this who are well pre
  5. Rowing Pedal drives (cred Russell Brown ) https://gougeon32.blogspot.com/2018/08/pedal-drives-on-2018-r2ak-boats.html
  6. And the IMOCAs: Looks like they should provide lots of great content. 11th Hour Racing (USA) [serious talent & experience, esp with Amory as OBR] Charlie Enright Skipper Simon Fisher Navigator Pascal Bidégorry Helmsman / Trimmer Justine Mettraux Helmsman / Trimmer Amory Ross Onboard Reporter Bureau Vallée(France) [Cool! Husband/ wife team with Pip Hare onboard! Expect she'll double as the EN OBR with great media output] Louis Burton Skipper Davy Beaudart Navigator Servane Escoffier Sail trimmer Thibault Hector Crew member Christophe Bachmann Crew member Pip
  7. Here's the crew lists (sailing squad not yet available) for the VO65s. Looks like Austria is gambling on an OBR campaign AkzoNobel (The Netherlands) Chris Nicholson Skipper Lucas Chapman Watch leader Trystan Seal Bowman Rosalin Kuiper Sail trimmer / Onboard Reporter Rory Hunter Trimmer / helmsman Charlie Wyatt Trimmer / helmsman Giulio Bertelli Trimmer / helmsman Liz Wardley Boat captain Will Harris Navigator Ambersail-2 (Lithuania) Rokas Milevičius Skipper Conrad Colman Navigator Tomas Ivanauskas Watch captain Domantas Juškevičius Bowman Arnas Eimutis
  8. Yes! Looking at the crew lists (finally), looks like some serious talent spread amongst the teams. This could be a race worth watching. Chris Nicholson has Lucas Chapman and Liz Wardley. Bouwe has Aksel. Simeon has Wouter. Yoann Richomme has Nicolas Lunven. Brockman has Chuny (@chuso007's favourite). Rokas Milevičius has a secret weapon in Conrad Colman. No clear favourite in the VO65s so far with so much talent.
  9. Thanks Fiji. And now, the link to the NOR is gone from the TOR-E page too. Had hoped to find they'd added a link to the SIs. but nada. Guess this is a deliberate choice, since TOR has had plenty of time to correct any inadvertent glitches. Their race, their choice, Guess I'll still check in once in a while, but sailing season here has finally started. Happy May Long to y'all
  10. stief

    Leave a reply?

    Finally got around to testing with old iPad (Generation 3) Was able to log in, out, change themes, etc, but unable to reply to *any* forum threads or the Front page. Simply, the "Quote" button for a post was missing, so no way to enter any text. Even tried to "create new topic", same problem. Topic and tag boxes appeared, but no text box for the body text. So, IOS 9.3.5 won't play nice with SA.
  11. Good memories. For space opera: E.E "Doc" Smith. Glorious over-the-top space opera from the 1st 1/2 of the 20th C, before science lost its innocence in WW2 and the 60s. Gets you into a fantasy world of the scientist who can somehow grasp unlimited power through engineering as hero and entrepreneur (and bloody imperialist benevolent dictator). The novels truly seem to think that absolute power does not corrupts, and so a great escape read. Uninhibited fantasy. Hard to find print copies, but many are public domain now: The Lensmen series is his best; Skylark series was first. (series
  12. Wow--really impressed by his data source comments, and the effort he takes to make sure there's no cheating. Wonder if he tells the crew to turn off their paid weather before the race? --good stuff about Starlink being beta tested, and the discussion about carbon sails and various satellite systems. --really liked his discussion of day/ night squall sailing. Will be interesting to consider that for watching the TOR and VG in years to come. --Cool that he's off to the Ultimess with Cammas for the Fastnet and advising on the TJV.. Thanks for posting Hitch. Easy to see why he'
  13. Program plans https://www.vendeeglobe.org/en/news/22399/pip-hare-has-a-new-medallia-which-will-take-her-to-the-2024-vendee-globe
  14. Try here https://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/forum/24-gear-anarchy/
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