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  1. Agree. That also seemed to be the theme of the vid. If tunes can become ear worms, then the mood of that vid is becoming something similar. (though, was irked by the rich elite theme. As if I could relate to having access to such a sleek woody )
  2. The tease of sailing mixed boats? (worked for me) Not sure who this YT group is, but like SailingFilm's answer: "Dream Crew. Sailing is not only the experience with wind, water and the ship, but is also about meeting people." (cred Sailorgirl's tweet for the heads up)
  3. Ah, *that* dream. Have it (and hundreds of tracks imported to OSX over a couple of decades from cheap tools, like Garmin's old GP48 and Navionic's Boating.app) but do not have the solution. So far, though, the Boating.app is winning. Its track and speed overlays can be exported to .gpx but also replayed like videos. Has been adequate enough for idle reflection about what happened on a passage, and to zoom in to see just how bad *that* tack was. Free app was good enough that I fell for the cheap annual subscription. \ This year am playing with overlaying depth sounder info v
  4. He says his is no longer made, but is similar to the Thor Sequence https://www.thormotorcoach.com/sequence/gallery/
  5. Thanks--best reading I've done today. Mentally tested the theory against the the highs and lows of watching the VG/VOR over 10 years. Theory fit well enough that article is now bookmarked. Also tested the theory to see if it might explain why I lost interest in the AC and Olympics, not that my opinion really matters. Still 'testing' to see if a better narrative might happen if kinetics could be replaced by more emphasis on tactics and strategy, where the antagonist is weather. Promising. ( polysemy barely passes the jargon sniff test, though not as bad as trying to appreciate the skill of
  6. OT: he also has the VOR report, and other interesting files in http://honeynav.com/category/lfp-battery-sailing-marine-electrical/ and http://honeynav.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Pacific-Cup-Weather-Article.pdf (no need for Scuttlebut ) https://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/205046-volvo-race-high-traffic-density-report/ /end OT Best wishes to all for the upcoming season.
  7. Fine, then. Since money is no problem, put the boat on its trailer/semi, tow it to the glideport, and let the cockpit party begin. As a serious answer, though, our upscale friends spent as much on a small camper ('glamping') as they did for their C&C. Way out of my league, but I could give him a call to find the model if glamping is a possibility. Probably on of "these most popular vanlife options, from affordable outdoorsiness to glitzy glamping"
  8. Agree, but OP is looking for something to foster "the social scene . . . at the gliderport"
  9. You need a gas-powered tailgator
  10. Good thing this new menu item 'RELAY4NATURE' on the TOR site isn't part of a caption contest
  11. I just don't get it. Recent job posting: "THE OCEAN RACE is recruiting a "public affairs coordinator" and a social media and digital content manager ; positions based in Alicante to be able immediately, until October 2023 for the first, June 2023 for the second. " What a shame. From a premier event to this.
  12. Unintended dividend of Magas on Facebook, Twitter and Fox: many Anarchists fleeing that style of posting.
  13. couple of minor asides re weight sensitive Olympic racing: -wife refused to consider switching to helm on our 470. Same for the other fixed crews in our small fleet (a decade of trying). The only female helm had a heavy husband, but she was the sailor in that family. No crew wanted to helm, even though the weight distribution would have been much better. -last clip of Olympic sailing I saw was all about kinetics. Had heard that the pumping/ooching rule was relaxed since the 1980s, but this was startling and apparently legal. Hiking on Finn-Star-Laser held no appeal in the past; same
  14. Yeah, yeah, rub it in. Nonetheless, Fair winds. Still another week in the forums before we can launch.
  15. Nice! Launch is ahead and amas were just lowered, I assume? Guessing the chocks are needed while trailer tongue extension/ cable is used. Nice that you seem to be able to launch with only a few feet of water. Somehow the grassy banks make me think that's a freshwater lake in WA, but that surely is a seagoing tri. Liked the helpful help. Not sure about the bananas, though ( @Meat Wad let me know if this is OT, and you'd like to keep the thread about the boat you discovered)
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