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  1. Recent news from Tip and Shaft about TOR and TOR-E
  2. stief

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Congrats Ari. The show at the end of the press conference was a major cringe, with bad dancing and singing. After all you'd been through, had hoped for a better ending to a good edition.
  3. stief

    Vendee Globe 2020

    We're back online? Quite the disturbance in the forums. Anyone else put their head outside and hear thousands of isolated voices crying out in withdrawal?
  4. stief

    Gulf Stream is F*cking up

    Good read; good quote" "This didn’t bode well for humanity’s warming of the atmosphere. Dr. Broecker, who died in 2019, famously warned: “The climate system is an angry beast and we are poking it with sticks.” The climate deniers are not likely to support more research, so will be a long time before we get clear info on this problem. Sigh.
  5. stief

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Ari now within the 200 nm/30 min update circle. Less than a day should see him Finish, though the conditions do look light.
  6. stief

    Capt C. B. of United 1175 is a sailor

    Thanks for that vid, fastyacht. 5 star and standing ovation well deserved. Hand flying recommendation works for sailors too. Interesting to think Whitbread/Volvo/TOR sailors have probably done more 'hand sailing' than IMOCA sailors.
  7. stief

    Maritime Art Anarchy

    Mag Bay a while back. Colleague and friend (RIP) decided to paint it as a prairie landscape.
  8. stief

    hugo boss already for sale?

    Thanks LB. Quite funny. Had to check , and exactly a year ago today, even CTV covered the story. And six moths later, still going on. Scouse me. "Be Boss, be kind" "Mr Charles, who is best known in Liverpool for painting some of the city's most iconic buildings and figures, said the money earned from the clothing venture would help pay towards his daughter's Emmy future"
  9. Still chuckle over his account with SA
  10. The Barcelona or the TOR is needed for IMOCA to hope to also be the pinnacle of crewed ocean racing. Either the Barcelona or the TOR also provides a safer test of IMOCA skippers and kit in conditions tougher than the TJV and the RdeR. Gives the VG a better chance of proving skippers and boats, where the rules allow pit stops. Maybe some Arctic route can partially fill the gap between the Caribbean cruises and a full round-the-world? Otherwise, the VG is taking a chance of becoming a more cautious 'competitive-cruise-in-company' rather than only the pinnacle of solo Ocean racing.
  11. stief

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Nice little debrief from Sam and Romain about their races Comms: Mast climbing (a bit more info). Rotating mast factor. Not sure about "nerve." Sounds like Sam will not retire: she looks forward to getting the best out of her boat. Or maybe she really does want to 'shoot' it. Snips from Safari trans of V&V article (also noteworthy Sam mentions Neal Macdonald's description of HB keel problem)
  12. Survey here.
  13. I'm not holding my breath whether the TOR will actually happen (or in a form that will really attract a large following). If it does, regrettably the biggest loser will be likely be the Barcelona World Race. As for the SAAC, I found it often a surprisingly good read this last few months or maybe brain's auto filter is more effective.
  14. Hey Rennie. Welcome back. Imagine you're glad not to be sorting out regulations for ACE and NZ gov consults on starts. Hard to keep The Ocean Race, The Ocean Race Europe, and the Ocean Race Prologue events separate. Sail World says TOR-Europe is this year. So crowds can plan for Lorient in May 2021. Hmmmm. Unlike the start of the TOR-E, the TOR start cited in the last NOR Amendment, 3, is July 2020. That's where the presser got the info about the start of the TOR. 5.4 The In-Port Series and the first Leg will start in Alicante, Spain in late Autumn 2022. The Race will finish in Genoa, Italy in early Summer 2023. There is also a Prologue Event planned for Sept 2022. 5.2 Boats shall participate in a Prologue Event to Alicante commencing in Europe in September 2022, with a duration of up to two weeks. 18.1 SAILING INSTRUCTIONS The General SIs will be available in Q4 2021. When available they shall be posted on the Noticeboard. THE RACE The Ocean Race 2022-23 will consist of up to 9 Ocean Legs, and up to 10 In-Port races. There will be an In-Port race scheduled in all Stopovers, the dates and times shall be contained in the Calendar. LEGS AND COURSES The Race will start in Alicante, Spain and finish in Genoa, Italy and consist of nine Legs: o Leg 1, Alicante, Spain to Mindelo, Cabo Verde o Leg 2, Mindelo, Cabo Verde to Cape Town, South Africa o Leg 3, Cape Town, South Africa to Shenzhen, China o Leg 4, Shenzhen, China to Auckland, New Zealand o Leg 5, Auckland, New Zealand to Itajai, Brazil o Leg 6, Itajai, Brazil to Newport RI, USA o Leg 7, Newport RI, USA to Aarhus, Denmark o Leg 8, Aarhus, Denmark to The Hague, Netherlands o Leg 9, The Hague, Netherlands to Genoa, Italy Anyway, Tor-E starts in May 2021 from Lorient, TOR-PE from somewhere in Sept 2022, and the TOR from Alicante in fall 2022, . . . . Maybe. Looks like TOR wants as many acronyms and confusing pressers as the AC. I won't be able to join you either. I hope to be suffering isolation on my boat all summer edit: ( btw, my old login for the VOR still works for the TOR, so expect yours will too.)
  15. stief

    hugo boss already for sale?

    "Times change." There's a new boss in town.