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  1. Thanks to those who checked if those names on the list are 'real.' I honestly wondered if those “Flag Officers 4 America” knew their names were on that list. Still wish I could find the back story behind who decided to recruit those officers and persuade them to sign, and how that campaign was funded. Many years ago was persuaded to sign a petition, only to feel later betrayed by how that petition was used. Hope those officers weren't betrayed or socially 'hacked.' Suspect we'll never hear the consequences of their action. At the very least, I'd guess whatever access to mili
  2. Yes, good idea to trust that the rig designers limited the options to just the stays and shrouds As for shims, haven't run across any shims on deck stepped masts, only shims where a keel stepped mast passes through the necessarily larger diameter deck collar. As for setting and tuning the rig for angle, that's a whole other topic. Just mark where the current turnbuckles are currently set so you can "revert" to the current setup when the mast goes back up again.
  3. Ouch. Me too. Abject apologies Jack--I honestly hadn't read that part of the thread--thanks indeed for the link and reminder. Really good comparison piece with what Ken Read says in #42, and confirmation that sailers can somehow find a way to deal with COVID complications. As for your 'teacher'--bleah. I think you simply humoured me when I asked for links, simply to make it easier to verify what you said. (I must admit to laughing when others were irritated having to attack your sources when they much rather would just have liked to fall back on the quick and lazy ad hominem post) I
  4. Re masts that balance top heavy. Set up a loose bridle to the rails and, typically, the vang attachment point on the mast. Then, have your Captain Ron moment. When as butt man you feel the balance shift, loudly say, "here, where's my beer?", let go of the mast, walk back to the cockpit for a can, then walk back to the butt which has been saved by the bridle. Look at the looky-loos in surprise and say "Whaaatt?" Return happily to your regularly scheduled procedure. Oh, do not do this at home, and practise with your own mast first.
  5. True that about keel step masts: many more people needed. A couple of good keel mast hacks. 1, a bundle of Home Depot cedar shims (3$ if there aren't some lying around already) for buffering the tube through the deck collar, which can have some sharp edges that want to act like a damn lathe. 2. A dock line tied to the toe rails as a safety bridle with top heavy masts. Wish everyone felt like you about tying up spaces at the pole. Have helped many appreciative boats, but make sure to do so with mouth wide shut.
  6. I have hanks on my tri, so know what you mean. The C&C is the wife's preference (proper head), and she loves it that the headsail can be furled from the cockpit. As for weathering, I can always take it down the at the dock. Mostly, though, I gave up caring about that last final tweak to sail shape when I accepted carrying the kit needed for a wife happy to come sailing with me and who even tolerates my need to change the fairleads every few tacks. She wants me in the cockpit all the time so she doesn't have to. Come to think of it, a furling jib might be a net benefit keeping the weig
  7. Haha--"Who is that Black Masked Man?" Almost sorry that I'll miss much of the next few months, since I expect to be launched in the next few days. Darn! Alex beat me to it
  8. + 1 to pretty easy job. A few points it add to the good points above. -A dockline is good to raise the mast--they are handily on deck after the annual retrieval, are nicely oversized, and spread the load not likely to mark the mast. -I tie a big (4-6' diameter) bowline loop around the mast, with the lower stays inside the loops; and the uppers outide. Has worked best for many different masts the last 35 years. The loop is then dropped onto the hook, and the hook pulls it up to the spreaders; the tail hags down to the deck for a handy way to jiggle and slide the loop to the final p
  9. Interesting: the hull is definitely blown out from the inside in pic3. Understood previously that the leader from the sky is relatively low average, but the return strike from the ground carries the main amperage punch. Was true for my boat--the fiberglas was punched into the boat. Lesson learned. Lightning is unpredictable.
  10. C&C 27 here. FWIW, our furler cut the forestay up top a few years ago (mast survived). Sounds like you're probably OK this year before the planned 2022 replacement.
  11. Thanks--didn't know of his maritime background--best coffee reading this morning. Really fits this thread. Now caught in the Web, finding a text version. Liked this bit about Maine. https://sites.williams.edu/searchablesealit/w/white-e-b/
  12. Ken Read backs up what many have said above, even though he's a Pro pro. He's hooked because it's fun and friendly. (and Niall even toned down the gushing ) Lots more good stuff about sailing and racing too. cred @MaxHugen for the find)
  13. Thanks for that--really good to hear Ken Read. (Had to chuckle over his VO70 comments at the end: that 's the 2012 Telefonica he 'hated' ) bottom line? Persuasive that the TOR- will be successful.
  14. Nice way to condense an 89,615 nm log into a 4 minute vid.
  15. Not sure what this means: TOR and TIME magazine hook up. Going with print media seems like a retro move, but the vid desertion calls TIME a "global media brand."
  16. TOR_E(P)? Prologue race done. Bouwe got some competition from Childhood. https://www.theoceanrace.com/en/news/12708_Team-Childhood-take-victory-in-hard-fought-Prologue-race.html
  17. Here's Pip's Telegraph article (the Times one is paywalled)
  18. Reminds me of the opening of Swallows and Amazons, when the kids finally got the telegram with the father's permission to go sailing A different time.
  19. Wow. I checked scopes, thinking this had to be a parody, or perhaps some trumped up bs off Parler or its ilk. 125! How did so many get bought off so easily to sign that repletion of lies, lies, and more lies. Sadly, after checking a number of newspapers, looks legitimately to be a picture of much of the mind rot of the past US military "leadership." No wonder foreign pay-ops and cyber-warriors are having such an easy time of screwing the West if (I still hope it's *if*) such leaders don't know how to evaluate sources. Time to look at the Mars project and remind myself that
  20. Still on the HP menu bar https://sailinganarchy.com/classifieds/? (IIRC, was linked from the Forums before . . . )
  21. Is there a sport where the underdog (however defined) doesn't attract attention?
  22. Love the irony of many sailors all doom-and-gloom about going offshore. Haven't we all heard why it's crazy? Where's the news in posting that much can go wrong? The fascination will be how he might make it work. Looks like he's upped the ante recruiting cheesecake. Talk about a hard row to ho. Or Rio. LOL
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