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  1. Agree, but OP is looking for something to foster "the social scene . . . at the gliderport"
  2. You need a gas-powered tailgator
  3. Good thing this new menu item 'RELAY4NATURE' on the TOR site isn't part of a caption contest
  4. I just don't get it. Recent job posting: "THE OCEAN RACE is recruiting a "public affairs coordinator" and a social media and digital content manager ; positions based in Alicante to be able immediately, until October 2023 for the first, June 2023 for the second. " What a shame. From a premier event to this.
  5. Unintended dividend of Magas on Facebook, Twitter and Fox: many Anarchists fleeing that style of posting.
  6. couple of minor asides re weight sensitive Olympic racing: -wife refused to consider switching to helm on our 470. Same for the other fixed crews in our small fleet (a decade of trying). The only female helm had a heavy husband, but she was the sailor in that family. No crew wanted to helm, even though the weight distribution would have been much better. -last clip of Olympic sailing I saw was all about kinetics. Had heard that the pumping/ooching rule was relaxed since the 1980s, but this was startling and apparently legal. Hiking on Finn-Star-Laser held no appeal in the past; same
  7. Yeah, yeah, rub it in. Nonetheless, Fair winds. Still another week in the forums before we can launch.
  8. Nice! Launch is ahead and amas were just lowered, I assume? Guessing the chocks are needed while trailer tongue extension/ cable is used. Nice that you seem to be able to launch with only a few feet of water. Somehow the grassy banks make me think that's a freshwater lake in WA, but that surely is a seagoing tri. Liked the helpful help. Not sure about the bananas, though ( @Meat Wad let me know if this is OT, and you'd like to keep the thread about the boat you discovered)
  9. No, my bad. I should have just ignored the troll. Looking forward to the recovery of the picthread too (two?): Hobot's sense of what pics to select is remarkable.
  10. Sorry. Hated to see the thread distracted by posts that belong here: https://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/222192-has-randro-gotten-off-his-leash-again/
  11. Boats out of place? Here's an old one on the Columbia Icefields. The busload of Japanese tourists sure figured it was worth a shot. (might fit better in the show-your-boa- not-sailing thread, but oh well. Time for more wine)
  12. Thanks, too, to Boomer. OT. This is the Hobot-Boomer thread. Thanks, Sailforbeer, though, for setting up the pay-attention-to me-troll thread. Always good to hear of comebacks, and those who care.
  13. Condolences. Lost my father almost 60 years ago, but still have "conversations" almost every week. They never leave us until our memories do.
  14. Darn! Had hoped today's outage was because @Editor was fixing it. No luck -- yet
  15. FWIW, photos show in both posts here, so server outage didn't affect your 1st post
  16. Great. The opposite of trickle down economics. The money has to pass through the 'common' people before ending up in the out of country shareholders. Seems like a much more 'Canadian' plan that simply wiring a cheque (or tax credit) to the shareholders. More people get to play with the money, and the corporate interests have to look to the people (not their lobbyists) to improve the bottom line.
  17. Today's T&S interview with Nicolas Troussel, Corum, says there will be 5 IMOCAS
  18. Good point. Had forgotten how much the 'quiet' counts.
  19. Fully understand the appeal of a land cruise. For an overland trip, have been attracted by the Arctic for a couple of years. Would be cool to splash a boat in the Arctic Ocean now that the road north is open https://www.cntraveler.com/story/canadian-road-trip-3-days-on-the-inuvik-tuktoyaktuk-highway Alreadyhave a 98 GMC 2500 diesel that I can sleep in (wife says no way--never again!), and could either tow the tri there (sleep/cook on board), or forget the tri and just throw the sailboard and camp stove in the back. No interest in spending $ on motels or campgrounds. But, no way I'm g
  20. Thanks for the heads up. Downloading now.
  21. Sounds familiar, but after about 1/2 a summer, the thrill was gone, and found was bored being a dope on a rope. Too constrained? Sailing a little dinghy gave much more freedom to wander wherever and whenever. Plus, I had right of way over the powered boats
  22. Were there speed limits? Imagine you looked at other boats those 4 years. See anything that made you wonder about the W&S? (am tempted by electric drives that can charge batteries under way, and get rid of an outboard--but understand cruising speeds are too low)
  23. Nah--easy to filter the trolls. Many of us would like to hear your perspective and can work our way through wordy posts. Was the W&S eventually worth the hassle?
  24. Check with @Haji. He's been around twice, and would know the options.
  25. Ironic, isn't it, how a movement can learn from 'know thy enemy.' (cf Sarah Palin application of feminism, Koch funding of philanthropic foundations, 45 learning from Putin, etc).
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