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  1. Nah, they'll just form another, and another, and another. How many 'conservative' parties have we seen here in Canada? (Reform party, Sask Party, UCP, . . .)
  2. If my 'feelings' count, then it's true what I feel. "If it feels good, do it" (TM). So say the ignorant, who have only their feelings and impressions to rule their lives. Blame the 2nd Romantic movement--the 60's.
  3. Thanks Jero. Can you recommend a link I can check? (I have one for the Alicante contract)
  4. Thanks--makes sense, since I haven't followed the GP racing. Never inspiring to watch promising projects sink towards the 'couda been' list. Well, at least Chris Nicholson is back. https://www.international-yachtpaint.com/en/gb/akzonobel-ocean-racing-2021?fbclid=IwAR2m4NQAABM4qguaZDP1-HQkCUi9BOFUDVreWJLb-11EjW0T5B6L7wMS1js
  5. Freight I almost missed it. In honour of the Sinko de Mayo yesterday. Nicely done!
  6. For The Ocean Race Europe posts, keep them here or in the Ocean Race Europe thread?
  7. Tri Porn more at https://www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/237329/Worlds-fastest-tris-set-for-Rolex-Fastnet-Race?source=twitter
  8. Well, INMARSAT set to go for "new firsts" in content for another round https://www.theoceanrace.com/en/news/12684_Inmarsat-announced-as-The-Ocean-Races-official-satellite-communications-partner-for-sixth-time.html
  9. Still no SI available onsite, and only 24 days to the start. Not good.
  10. Offshore Team Germany picks Benjamin Dutreux as nav https://www.imoca.org/en/news/news/offshore-team-germany-gets-vendee-shooting-star-benjamin-dutreux-on-board-for-the-ocean-race-europe
  11. So, lesson learned is for going with an easier boat to sail with a scow bow. Makes sense. Charal 1 for the JVT, then Charal 2
  12. Hey Jack. There's been some really good reading in this thread, eh? Easy answer--billions still don't sail, and all have parents, most of whom live near the sea. Still looking for a better answer why we get hooked, especially for those of us far from the sea doomed to have our oars used for winnowing fans, like Odysseus. I'm playing with the idea that sailing is a gateway drug for kids--a way to escape parents without the need to wait for a driver's license and ability to pay for fuel. Might explain why so may sailors are also cyclists. Guess those of us who didn't get hooked on row
  13. Thanks. No luck, but many happy hours reading some brilliant bits in that ToC. OT, but laughed when I found myself reading The Lion and the Unicorn as an LB15 post. And as thanks for your tip, here's a bit from his review of Mein Kampf. Thought you'd like it as a(nother) Trump portrait /end digression.
  14. Any chance of a link? Google and CBC couldn't find it. (a bit surprised: figured the NDP might be reluctant to tax the vapers)
  15. I can hear the skipper looking to port and calling out--"Void Ho"
  16. Swallows and Amazons--oh yes. There's an image from my memories as a 9 yr old still stuck in my mind as if I was there. Peter John looking back and admiring the straight wake Susan steered on a glassy pond (doesn't make sense now) on a grey day. Sheesh--now I'll have to get that series and reread to find the passage. Only think I read three of the books. edit: not sure (Titty?) but this may be the passage:
  17. Thread on Twitter has more such comments. This one was pretty good: "All due respect, but how in the hell does Moby Dick make anyone wanna go on the water, anymore than Jaws or The Perfect Storm?"
  18. Friend's father got me hooked. Morgan Freeman says Moby Dick https://twitter.com/morgan_freeman/status/1387895788550823938?s=20
  19. Orwell's "Shooting an Elephant" (despite its racism) gave a decent description of the irony serving a detested regime: Which reminds me: anyone recall the title of the article he wrote where he looked at himself and the others who wrote WW 1 anti-German propaganda, to what the Nazis did in WW 2?
  20. We were the first group here to get 12 hr shifts. Cops and nurses quickly followed (and the refinery workers, IIRC). Safety/ exhaustion was a red flag, but accident rates did not validate that. Years later, family member in nursing did say exhaustion-patient care was addressed with 10 hr shifts. (Sorry for the quick post: I'll have to look up the details sometime: this was back in the 80's, and not sure what the case is now)
  21. FWIW, a bunch of us at the steel plant I worked at while at university had to fight the union for a 12h hr shift. The company was in favour, and we had over 90% on the workers in favour. Union didn't want to risk the sanctity of the 8 hr day they had fought for (rightly so). Eventually the union management in Chicago told the local union management that nonetheless, the workers' vote had to be respected. We got our 12hr on/ 12 off every 4 days (with 8 hrs overtime somewhere on the sked). 4 days on 4 days off was great. 2 12hr day shifts; 2 12hr night shifts (with 24 hrs off
  22. thanks for the appraisal, eyesailor. Once again sounds like politics-- "Chairperson of events cttee supports it;" Asian support; is more important than Sailing Federation support. Well, at least looks like I am not tempted into regaining interest in Olympic sailing, and can keep the focus on home waters
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