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    Would fit with void ho. Anyways, reminds me of the last drifter when the gust/ downdraft hit the racers.
  2. Good link--thanks (at first it sounded like a Jewish Menorah story). Had never heard of an "internal wave", but also appreciated all the expert views of other possibiliites. RIP, esp those on 'eternal patrol'
  3. Sorry for this, but to have fun, pretend to try and keep a straight face, and tell the students that learning Japanese can help. Then have them watch this video after they've tried the blow over a piece of paper trick.
  4. Oho! Good, until the high-schoolers learn, often the hard way, that taking their phone out in a dinghy is not like in a car Best wishes for your courses. So satisfying when a student suddenly 'gets it,' and advance from where they were towards where you know they want to be. (and for nervous newbie instructors: who also learn like a doctor to run all plans through the 'do no harm' mantra)
  5. Sam's interview in today's T&S. Sounds good for following her in the future. Madintec?
  6. Too, newbies find it cool calling gusts on the water, once they can "see" gusts coming by the catspaws (etc)
  7. Another quick bit that students find cool--have then hold two pieces of paper slightly apart (finger-width works), and see if they can blow between them to get the two pieces to separate. They are usually puzzled when the pieces counter-intuitively want to come together. Good way to teach that sails can suck, not just blow . Easier than aerodynamic theory.
  8. Quick thought: Biggest barrier for really new newbies is the wind. Most of them don't understand that sailors are constantly and unconsciously aware of direction and variation. So, in the parking lot, the most basic and useful skill newbies appreciate is learning to "see" the breeze . . . Get them to call the direction and changes, using the feel of the breeze on their cheeks, and make it a game. They'll go home and impress their fellows with their new found nautical skills (this also helps the instructor learn who needs what kind of help)
  9. Interesting question. Back at the beginning of the century, family at home had to be content with occasional cell coverage. Looks better now https://www.cellularmaps.com/regions/mexico-coverage.shtml for shore hopping up the Baha. Sat phone was a temptation then, but not for my budget.
  10. well, as long as you're OK, that's good enough for me. I was thinking you worded your OP well, asking for a temperature check, and in effect your post got 'outed'. I was worried you would be outed in your community as a result, and suffer. Glad I'm wrong. (I agree the commodore communicated poorly. Though it would be ironic if the commodore was a volunteer, as is the case here. Usually we take turns, and the role is dumped on the newbies )
  11. Dick move. Reasonable post (for SA) about an internal club email, and it ends up on the front page? Sheesh. "praise in public, chastise in private" ???? What's next? Scuttlebutt jumping on the bandwagon. Take it down.
  12. OUCH! There's sail porn, but this is wins the HORROR genre.
  13. I cynically note that the taxes on cigarettes are going up, and they will also tax vape juice. Provincial tax, too https://saskatoon.ctvnews.ca/sask-adds-20-per-cent-retail-tax-for-vape-products-1.5376555 My local vape shop told me the juice manufacturers will have to take out a license of (IIRC, CDN $50,000) $2,135,000,000 in revenue over five years says CTV The yachties have more alternates for their pleasures than the working stiffs addicted to nicotine. So, a token tax on the 'rich', that will generate minimal revenue, but genuine revenue from the workers (who h
  14. Link? Looks like this one https://www.sail-world.com/Australia/Yacht-Berserk-lost-in-Antarctica-–-safety-measures-questioned/80815 by Nancy Knudsen on 28 Feb 2011 Getting confused by the date of this story, and the date and giggling in the soundtrack on Pano's find. Sorry.
  15. Found Cowes to Dinard (138nm) on the https://www.sailspeedrecords.com/offshore site, but not the definition of the course. Can't find "the famous Cowes-St Malo" listed there.
  16. True. But then got hooked on all the curious little factoids which defeated my plan to ignore them. So, had to go back and watch it all again. Bloody programmers. Defeated by my own curiosity.
  17. Nice report from Matt Sheahan on the Maserati-Powerplay duel (M by 4)
  18. And get some sleep. Apparently, that also failed, according to the FR press: (sorry--bad joke based on deliberate misreading of Safari snip and trans here )
  19. And from V&V (cred for the vid find) Another Covid casualty. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  20. Another one bites the dust
  21. Totally failed to ignore this. Tried, but actually ended up at the end. https://mkorostoff.github.io/1-pixel-wealth/
  22. Had trouble ignoring this https://twitter.com/ChaletClub2021/status/1360900020015419392?s=20
  23. Yes. Good reality check. Whenever I think of the billions and millions that made the Trump era the meme of the USA today, I go to NASA (and NOAA) to remind me of the billions and millions behind those open efforts. A little Ingenuity helps a lot
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