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  1. Thanks for that link. I was interested in that he seemed to go into the "chemical boding' aspect, of which I know very little. So, sent it to my retired PhD brother, whose career includes working on the chemistry for the space shuttle tiles. Here's what he wrote me (please excuse any typos): So, still undecided whether to try the 'E-Z on spray-and-wipe' on my gelcoat. If my friend decides to try on his, maybe next year we'll try on mine and the others
  2. "What do you mean, you're heading out to the boat AGAIN!????"
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    After a quick browse through the forums, am reminded of this one, heard years ago (70s?--when interest rates were in the high teens). Journalist interviewing former immigrants about being 'American' now. Answer: "Amerika--ist great great country. When I first arrive, I had nothing." "Today, I owe millions."
  4. Not an isolated incident in the Italian public sector, apparently.
  5. Impressed by Peter Warner, and remarkable he saved another four boys almost a decade after saving the six. A life well-lived. Good story too behind the book and film rights 'battle' https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/may/22/hollywood-studio-behind-12-years-a-slave-wins-rights-for-real-life-lord-of-the-flies
  6. Tip and Shaft is bringing up the nasty politics today: more than the Safari snip and trans linked here
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    Back before the federal Department of Indian Affairs was renamed, I worked nights at the local steel plant. Heard every kind of crude joke from the guys (from all over the world). "Indian" jokes were common. So, there was this Indian working the forklift at the flour mill up in Prince Albert. One day a bag of flour toppled off and covered him in flour. He goes up to his boss [insert inapt accent] "hey boss. I just need to go home and change." "Sure, you OK?, no problem. see you in an hour." He walks out the gate, and the cousins are sitting around. "Hey Joe . . . you
  8. Prefer to exercise the mental 'ignore'. or start a honeypot thread for the trolls. The 'ignore signatures' is very useful, though.
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    Local Lutheran pastor was called up before the parish council about his Swedish jokes (Ollie and Swen) in his sermons. His parishioners had mostly Swedish roots. He listened politely, nodded, and agreed to drop the Swedish jokes. The next Sunday, he opened his sermon with "There were two Hittites named Ollie and Swen who . . . "
  10. Transcript from the farm vid above: (time link) 1. "powerful" car wash. Have to see what will remove the 3M without damaging the gel coat. 2. Clay bar? Never used one. Sounds like work. 3. Iron remover? More googling need to figure out . So, still sceptical, but might be worth the google time. Sorry for the gelcoat hijack. Back to the car paint thread.
  11. Thanks. Sounds interesting. Thoughts on prepping two or three 30 footers (gelcoat) that we have polished and buffed with 3M's Polish and Cleaner for the last few years? Might be worth a try if it means we can skips the buffing step in the future.
  12. Fellow sailor is hot on trying "ceramic" boat polish for our boats this season. I did some googling last week (checked SA first--no hits) and am pretty sceptical. This was the only vid I looked at in more detail (groan). Looked like just as much (if not more) work than our usual wash-wax-buff routine, but at lots more cost.
  13. Ed: first--thanks for the site. Especially this last year, isolation and winter was easily ignored thanks to SA secondly, FWIW, the 'productions' from SA I found most useful were the interviews with 'retro' sailors, like the last one you did with Bouwe Bekking. Clean's contacts with Alex Thompson and other Ocean Racing sailors are sorely missed this winter. So, the knowledgeable community I find here is tops. What SA offers that I can't find elsewhere is the original source material: the interviews. As with Hobot's Picthread, if ever SA threads would be lost, that would be a serious
  14. Boomer--appreciate all you've done for Hobot and the threads (still glad of your friendly and helpful posts in Ocean Racing Anarchy). Just PM Jack: he and Mad did a fine job chasing off Randum and other trolls there. No need for you to clean the stables. Cheers, and best wishes to you, yours, and Hobot.
  15. New take on an old theme. Not sure if not targets or originates with alt-right media nets, but sure fits. This guy offered his white wife to the African tribesmen as a gift in exchange for their secret manhood elongation ritual. And it WORKED! Oh my God, you have to see this before this crazy dude takes off his documentary... Just last summer, he and his wife decided to pay a visit to one of the most sacred tribes in Africa, the legendary Sombas. http://www.damagesnub.cam/Xtfis/hqqlix799035hrchgijqi/.jpg They've been known for quite some time no
  16. Vibratory ray gun, tuned for metal. Turns black crows to white (oops. inapt.) Read this years ago. Found the passage at https://zapatopi.net/blog/?post=200511145800.edisons_conquest_of_mars
  17. $15/hr? That's not fair: think of the struggling CEOs, and what they suffer when their companies post losses: "BP shareholders voted last week [last year] against a 20% hike in CEO Bob Dudley's pay package to $19.6 million for 2015, when the oil company posted a huge loss. Dudley will still get his cash because the vote wasn't binding on the company -- shareholders only get a real vote on company pay policy every three years." CDN $15 = 30K per year. Old Global Rich list has been taken down, but that still puts our minimum wage earners here into the top 5% Think of what t
  18. Books? (Thought it was Brad Meltzer's The Book of Lies, but closer look says The Book of Fate)
  19. And not so nice . . . sad https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9049427/Pink-yacht-used-Australian-sailor-Jessica-Watson-sail-world-solo-left-rot-mould.html
  20. Safari translation ("prao" ) of V&V article about Ryan full article and pics at https://voilesetvoiliers.ouest-france.fr/bateau/prao/video-l-etonnant-virement-de-bord-d-un-prao-un-bateau-insolite-c18df004-a1be-11eb-a997-ae4b3c668f03
  21. cool. Hope the tracker works https://maserati.soldini.it/live-tracking/
  22. Doesn't come across like a seriously world-class contender. So many new names (to me). TOR did say it's part of their 10 yr development plan, so that sets a relatively low bar for expectations. What will we say looking back at the TOR-E in 10 years? Bouwe provides springboard for the next greatest sailors, or will this race remind us of Moose on Sanya: the end of an era in 2012, after such success in 2008? (which reminds me: time to get back to catching up on the 2002/03 Around Alone race )
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