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  1. ^^^ Not a recap, but liked way one of the 'problems' was handled. this caught my attention last week. Seems a good example of the class and race organization. A support boat? Good idea! She was able to successfully scale her mast once the support boat was nearby, and finished the race (without penalty, I think). Takes a fair bit of the risk out of the decision to climb. Nice safety net. Not sure of the logistics having a support boat nearby, but I hope bigger budget races consider the idea more. After all, the VOR used freighters, and teams had support ready at the Horn the last
  2. gtrans from V&V (not sure when the photo was taken) The Blevec continues: "Our machines are sensitive boats that still have limits, there we play a little with the limits of the boat, we have incredible effort peaks, we do not know if we are in the acceptable limit or not. We can not go faster, which limits the speed, it's not the boat, it's the state of the sea. I refuse to go faster in this sea, already, I have the impression that one does too much, I am forced to force myself to keep pace in this sea dismounted. We just went from three to two reefs to accelerate a little,
  3. Interesting new trailer style (poetic; risks/fatalities) [for those who can't view tweets on in SA, link is at https://twitter.com/ATRacing99/status/1194947191426686976?s=20
  4. Nice find . . . thanks. Not often you see an experienced racing skipper of Coville's status acting this prudently. Impressive.
  5. Charal recap. Auto translate to english works somewhat
  6. Haha--"we're not going to look at the ranking for 8 days; then we'll look at it"
  7. Gotta feel for Seguin and Richomme on Apicil in the doldrums: https://www.transatjacquesvabre.org/en/news/newswire/2040/groupe-apicil-finishes-fourteenth-in-the-transat-jacques-vabre-normandie-le-havre-imoca And, anyone have a link about how Sequin's mods to Apicil worked out? I found mention in an old VG article of the pedestal, but wondered about such adaptations worked out.
  8. Could have been harsher, no doubt. At least the RC were the ones to lodge the protest, thus saving an American/French confrontation, 11th hour move up to the place they likely would have had if Advens had followed 28.1, I don't think the boats further back would feel they truly raced faster than Advens (though if prize money is in play, I guess redress is an option) and no doubt the IJ considered all such ramifications. Don't know what precedent this sets for other IJs. Seemed to me that this penalty was more like a Traffic separation violation rather than a deliberate disregard of the SIs.
  9. Good find--thanks! Too many good quotes (Nelias, limits, foils, and more) to mention. Memorable.
  10. Bit belated, but here's the bit from 4 days ago about how Charlie broke his seal: https://www.transatjacquesvabre.org/en/news/newswire/1788/skipper-s-log-charlie-enright-usa-11th-hour-racing
  11. Not sure whether I want to cheer or scream, but yeah, I did find the thread interesting. Why not grovel and ask that the thread be restored? I'm guessing forum admins have the control panel to "unhide" it . . . . I'd vote for that if it would do any good.
  12. Not sure--I never got through all the docs. Might be avenant-3-aux-instructions-de-course-en , though.
  13. Thanks for that link, Leo. Impressed by the class attitude shown in the section about the Italians especially.
  14. Looked for it on playback, but no return before marked as finished. Wishful dreaming that they declare a pit stop, take the time penalty, rush back and sail the proper course before the IJ has to rule.
  15. Too, the pairings are new, so unlike the VG, maybe just kinks in their routines and responsiblities
  16. jb5 linked to some reports back on the page 10 discussion about props seals, and Enright (IIRC) added more details later, but I can't find the link just now. From memory, he said they usually leave the prop in reverse, and just forgot to take it out of gear before starting to charge batteries. Still, agree that 4 cases seem more than usual. Or the racers are more 'forgetful' this race than usual.
  17. Ouch. https://www.transatjacquesvabre.org/en/news/news/2029/harris-reflects-on-risks-and-rewards-as-penalties-overturn-imoca-order
  18. Just have to bend this enough to foil?
  19. Thanks for the check Fiji. Figured it was a non-apple issue. Checked the Anarchy FAQ threads, and nothing there. No matter. Easier not to post the tweets anyway; people know to look there. As for the vids from FB of the finishes, they are pretty long and didn't see much interesting. Too tough to watch around the incessant log-in prompts. Have to wait for the teams to slick up their packaged vids.
  20. Thanks for the tip. Works on the mac stuff here--laptop, iPad, and phone, so not sure why it doesn't work for others.
  21. Good shot! (btw, I just repasted your link using the 'plain text' option so it plays here)
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