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  1. Yes, wood boat, 1/4" plywood deck. It has been said that the Gorilla adhesive is the poor man's 5200. "?"
  2. I had an experienced boat builder say the attached the deck of their dinghy with builder's construction floor adhesive and boat nails. With that thinking, it seems like Gorilla construction adhesive would also work. Certainly epoxy would still be another choice. I was hoping not to use nails or screws. Any thoughts ?
  3. There has to be a better filler than white glue and sawdust to fill small gaps in lamanations of mahogany strips. What do you use that's better so I can varnish area?
  4. The board would be a temporary board for a Snipe, until I can find a used Aluminum one. An Alum. blank shipped and milled would be about $500 which I will spend if I can't find one. I have the old 1948 iron one but I can't imagine using the 59 lb. board. Thanks for the input !
  5. I am making a daggerboaed that will be 20" wide at the top, and 32" below the boat but only 1/2" thick. What would be the strongest wood and what type of joint would be best ? Would glass or carbon fiber help enough to make a difference ? I know it's thin but that's all the room I have.
  6. The first application was 100% epoxy. Then, once dry, the epoxy with the microballons was applied and sanded.
  7. I'm coating the hull of a Snipe with a brand of epoxy called Marine Guard 8000 with microballons to fair the hull. What if I use another brand like West System to apply the 4 oz.cloth....? I have glassed the rudder with the 8000 and although it is slow drying resin, it seems to work well. Should that cause a problem ?
  8. If I can't find a used Snipe board, where would one go to find 6061T6 that measures 33" x 2 2" x 3 /8" ? Any idea of cost?
  9. The one in the Basspro shop would not have looked old and tired.
  10. I saw "Pilar" which should be in Cuba on the back of a semi going North on I-95 Monday around Savannah. It looked tired with it's black hull a faded grey. There is one replica out there somewhere. Anyone know anything ?
  11. I know they aren't conpetitive. I compete in an other class. What I'm looking for is a project, not a basketcase. Something from Annapolis to Jacksonville would be ideal. Anything stuck in a barn needing a home ? gowansg@suddenlink.net
  12. Once upon a time....one could find someone on Craig's list that was going across country that would take some gas money p!us., or a trucker that had less than a full load. Would anyone trust that any more ?
  13. No 505s near me and my crew just went blind. I've had a Snipe before so I know them too.
  14. Send me an email address and we can exchange info. My sorry laptop doesn't want to send pics. in the forum. gowansg@suddenlink.net
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