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  1. I find that I'm visiting SA less these days.

    The feuds from Scott Tempesta & Mr. Clean are absurd and seems SA is more their podium of self importance than a community of the best sailors in the world intending to grow the sport.

    Meanwhile, there are MANY better sailing websites.

  2. You would have thought that Reid would have "striked when the iron was hot", and got himself a spot on one of the late night talk shows like Dave Letterman. The fact that this much time has gone by means he's "missed the boat" and is now "old news" and won't get the attention that "recent news" could have fostered. It's now "YAWN" & soon to be "That's so last year" to the djiots who might have been interested in Reid's (ahem...) accomplishments. I guess that's the problem when lack of interest = lack of funding for the pop-up book.
  3. Probably not. However, there are limits to JP's PM mailbox, and she's exceeded them (hint). Only 556 miles, Sto Lat? How long is that in MOO years, at current rate? So, what's that come down to? About 1.1 knots SOA. Darsheen could walk that fast. But I wonder if the Anne can break through the Gulf Stream and not get sucked east and end up in Ireland.
  4. Wow, if he could sail he'd be in Beaufort NC in 2 days.
  5. Tammy Wynette wasn't available in the proper resolution for my needs, so I density corrected Tammy the Centerfold and did an alpha-channel vignette to pull off of a rather complex background. I then extended her hair to cover her breasts in just the cheekiest way and retouched the Schooner Anne to provide a location for her to rest her hands. I can't be bothered with context, I'm an artist. But now that you opened the topic, I must say that Cyndi Lauper is still very attractive, perhaps more than in her younger days, she's quite a fine-looking woman, and excellent "material." Regardles
  6. I calculate about 1450 nautical miles to Verrazano Narrows Bridge (straight line distance, which we know is not feasible). Therefore, the target SOG is just over 1 knot. I think that is doable, especially once he picks up the Gulf Stream. So to make one knot with prevailing winds and current, why not just rig a jib sail? Does he have one of those left? I think it's an incredible feat to sail that slow! Amazing. Certainly he's gotta be setting another record with speed like that! Guess he's not eager for beaver... I can't imagine going that slow knowing the throngs of
  7. How many miles to go to the finish? At this point its 1385 hours until the set arrival time. What's that for an estimated average speed needed to arrive at the designated hour?
  8. Ask yourself, "would you trade your accomplishments for what Reid Stowe has accomplished"? Personally I wouldn't even trade my failures for what Reid has done considering how he got there to do it.
  9. Yea, that's the problem; Reid's history... Drug smuggling, drug culture, (continual/present) history of deadbeat dad...
  10. I sorta liked that. It shows just how it really is, unedited. Everyone edits these days, this is real stuff. Yea, real boring, real naive, real ignorant, real unreal of what it's like to actually sail.
  11. Another area that Reid's accomplishment has had no reaction is with his sponsors. I actually went and looked at each of the 1000days sponsors websites after the 1000 day record, and each sponsor did not acknowledge or reference Reid's accomplishment. Even after doing searches within those sponsor websites the result was the same. You would think that in these economic times that if any business thought that celebrating Reid's accomplishment was good for business and associate themselves with Reid's success. Between the media & Reid's sponsors it seems the consensus is unanimous.
  12. & Reid isn't a very cunning linguist either...
  13. +1 Somewhere around the 10th blowjob my girlfriend in high school gave me, she said, "MMMmmm, Slightly Salty... I need another beer" !
  14. Hate to stereotype, but it seems the caste system was acceptable to all (2) parties. Her duties were below where she obviously had accommodated Reid only limited by her ability to stave off pregnancy. Hopefully they won't intentionally maim Darsheen to improve his begging skills. Instead of donating to Reid's non-non-profit, donate to this.
  15. Seems you're setting the record for resurrecting this thread from Page 3 (@25 threads per page viewing). Nothing new here except your perpetual excitement wasted on this less worthy thread when there's so much more here with substance. Other than the spectacle of watching Weirdo Stowe drift in absurdity and the talent of Anti-Hovians with their comic use of PhotoShop there's not much to report other than "still drifting" while separated from his most recent abandoned family languishing in the charity of NYC Hovians.
  16. What would happen if let's say Reid Stowe pulled into Antigua? It's on the way, it's downwind. He might be able to find another shipmate to help him deliver the boat to NYC.
  17. which lee shore, Pelagicon? i would expect a broad reach: mostly robust easterly, some softer south-easterlies all the way with perhaps a quick northeaster he can turn west on unless its an equinotical buster and then he could heave to and still drift favorably to the west. Reid has already written that he cannot claw off a lee shore and confided he can not sail upwind at all. i guess he will play it by ear when it comes to entering the Hudson. Usually when you approach land there's a shorline involved. At Reid's best potential speed he won't be able to sail around low pressure syst
  18. Perhaps the Mighty KU will honor us with a visit and explain the resemblence. I never noticed Weed's name on his cult member list, though. Mudflap girl? What mudflap girl? Reid is crazy, somewhat of a user, and much of the time full of shit. But he is on the verge of accomplishing more or less what he said he would do. He never said he would race or go anywhere in particular, and that is what he has done. If your goal is just to log hours, then why not bob around in the doldrums; there is no need to risk your life in the Southern Ocean. Reid is not a member of the Cult of K
  19. Nobody else sees the resemblance. Put Lorenzo on a boat and I think you got the same guy. They even have drug related nicknames. LSD and Weed. Yea, but... Which one could have done more LSD?
  20. Another bump for the mates down under
  21. With "raking in the dough" and celebrity comes scrutiny. Weid and MC barely can withstand the questioning of a few mildly interested people on this forum. If he ramps it up to the major media and people do some real digging the House of Sprouts might truly come a tumblin' down. That's when things will become interesting. Have you watched any of his predeparture videos or read his early expectations and proclamations? Very little of substance remains. There will be even less following his return. He and MC will be left standing on the dock ranting on about his greatness as the crowd shuffl
  22. How cool would it be to see the Schooner Anne hauled out after her return? The amount of bottom growth on the hull must be tremendous! I know in the last message he claimed the bottom was cleaned by the fishies, but I call bullshit on that. VoidHo! Maybe he could open up a seafood restaurant to serve up the cornucopia of seafood he's been unwhittingly growing on the bottom of his boat. Or The Discovery Channel could do a documentary on the floating artificial reef of the rare exotic species of marine growth on the hull of the Schooner Ann. Then Reid should have the boat scuttl
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