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  1. You guys are trying way too hard. Use Hovian trig. Clean. Simple. Elegant. Q.E.D. Wow, this might be the first educational feature to the Wied-Ho 1000 Daze (mock) mission to Mars. But like everything else there is a veil of hypocrisy that the uninformed could believe is a challenging task. Trigonometry, Calculus, Algebra!!!! Higher math for sure... Or is it??? Actually the most nipper novice newbie framing carpenter learns this "forumula" during the first week on the job to determine a 90 degree angle. Nail two 2x4's together at the but end, from the corner mark
  2. I'll give Weid Slow a 10 for his present time aboard a cheese scow record. Quite an accomplishment. But let's do the math 10: Time afloat - 1: Geographic educational value of voyage - 1: Marine biology educational value of voyage - 1: Navigation educational value of voyage - 1: Meteorologic educational value of voyage - 2: Conviction for drug smuggling - 1: Continuing drug lifestyle habits and behaviour - 1: Seamanship educational value of voyage - 2: past non payment of child support - 2: Convincing naive inexperienced female 1/2 his age to fill the crew position of fuck-buddy, co
  3. Soanya and I have been working with spaced-out psychologists on a book that is coming out soon. There... Fixed it...
  4. that made me blow a snot bubble Something like: 1000 days worth of condoms so we don't get the galley slave pregnant, better yet, let's just tie her tubes. (CHECK!) Doing LSD for decades to reduce the number of braincells for cognitive thinking (CHECK!) Bumping into some commercial satellite so we can litigate for paying child support for the kids we'll never see again(CHECK!) When the galley slave still ends up pregnant, just drop her off on the moon (CHECK!) Bring wood to carve, some chisels and an oil stone, and what we don't carve, we can burn in the wood stove (CHECK!) Make sure
  5. I'm wondering what is average speed is for his trip It would be interesting to calculate the difference of his SOG to his relative boatspeed through the water. It could be possible that the delta between SOG and his log could be as high as 20% (or more???) But that would require actual log keeping or an electronic database. Do you think his logbook has more than pictures? I'm guessing that the future Weidie postings will have photos of his log book & comments about plastic recycling. Funny that there's never a photo of weidie holding a sextant.
  6. I'm sure the NASA people will take a look at the Void Ho video to use it as a training film for developing mental toughness. Maybe destroying brain cells is a good thing for mental preparation.
  7. Nothing like a close shave... Weidie seems to be well shaven throughout the strange trip. Suppose he has a crate of donated disposable plastic handled razors in plastic wrap? There is usually a lot of plastic in provisioning these days; almost necessary. But for 1000 daze, Weidie must have a ton of plastic to dispose of in zip lock bags and other plastic containers. On our boats we wash out the plastic bottles & foodstuff bags and stow them together for later recycling ashore. I wonder how much plastic trash Weidie will unload if/when he finishes his trip? At least we know he didn't
  8. Calling all drug addicts, child molesters, scapegoats, moochers, grifters and drug smugglers. Your redemption has a new hero. Just find a way to convince other ignorant people, many of similar character to provide your means to pay your back child support by setting off on a poorly maintained barge of some sorts in an attempt to set a record that will redeem your less than stellar past example to society. I'm just wondering what this adventure would be if someone of good moral character would undertake a similar challenge. But the benefit of such a proposal would help clean up the harbou
  9. I tried a little caveat stating that I wasn't there to know for sure why weidie needed to go aloft, but he seems to like explaining things, and he didn't mention anything about making a fix to resolve the chafe. He only stated that he changed a halyard. How ironic that if he did get hurt trying to fix something that was caused by a previously improperly rigged fitting (source of chafe). I'm not concerned about any opinion that I could be an armchair sailor, though it's smirk-worthy. If you had 10% of what I know about offshore sailing, you could be a Cat3. I've delivered my share of POS boat
  10. OK, I'm not on board to see what problem weid is having with his halyards, but you shouldn't have to go aloft to replace a chaffing halyard unless you had to change the block for the halyard or something like that. Weid, if you're listening, take these notes... 1. Whip a messenger eye onto the old halyard tail 2. Whip a messenger eye onto the new halyard and use some small cord to connect the two. 3. Lower the sail to the deck. 4. Pull the new halyard through the block by pulling on the old halyard. 5. Tie a brummel hitch or bowline onto the halyard shackle (if you knw how to tie knots
  11. For those of us who have been in similar conditions, and for those of us who are in the business of fixing shit underway know that now is when the multitude of mitigating circumstances (broken shit) is about to become overwhelming. Tired, sore, broaching under bare poles... Not good. Seriously, good luck on surviving this event... One of the many potential problems that I'd be concerned about are the corroded (de-zincified) bronze thruhull fittings. With all that slamming around, and with his bilges full of crap, that something heavy will slam against a suspect valve and then Blub..Blub...
  12. "Once a dick always a dick". At least your nothing if not consistent, slightly salty little dick (head). You keep writing about "REIDS ASS' this and "REIDS ASS" that, perhaps you are cryptically expressing your desire to place your "Slightly Salty dick head (or just your head)" into your "famous" ass kicking Reid's ASS? (Not that there is anything wrong with that Jerry) Awe come on. I think it's just funny that reid is defying all your expectations and hopes. He is KICKING YOUR ASS TOO!!!! YEAH!!! No, he's pretty much where I thought he'd be. Drifting somewhat aimlessly on a
  13. stalkertwit said: Sparky. I'm kinda surprised that someone who's so obsessed with facts would choose to dodge the most important ones mentioned on this page. I'll run them by you once again and look forward to you setting the record straight. After all, all the "facts" you itemize won't mean a damn if he doesn't come away from this with a record. The press will focus on the major failure instead of myriad of minor ones. So please read again and comment -- I look forward to your reply. Idiot why dorothy, the answer's already there. Reid may actually choose to extend
  14. That' why I wonder how Reid Stowe can have all this experience, and still sound like someone who just had taken a sailing 101 course. The level of pure ignorance that exists in the 1000daze block is written like some high school kid on dope. Add the rumor of drug running (supposed proof of that somewhere here), the obvious hallucinogenic drug induced Void-Ho video, the evidence of being a dead-beat dad, and seducing an innocent and completely ignorant-to-sailing female 1/2 his age who get's pregnant (add one more child to this man's debt) all add up to a lot of people who don't like this guy
  15. From Wikipedia, so it must be true ............... The South Pacific trip was Stowe's first experience with open ocean sailing, for which he acquired a passion. It was during this trip that Stowe met Bernard Moitessier. Moitessier had around him a community of like-minded young mariners who had a passion for long distance sailing in small craft, without motors, or electronic navigation equipment. Stowe spent some time in this community, learning sailing, boat-building, how to shoot the stars with a sextant and celestial navigation. Would someone please photoshop a picture of Re
  16. <br />This time of year the Drake Passage can be very pleasant, you are all making a big deal over nothing.<br /><br />Cruise ships, much smaller boutique and expedition class cruises go around the Horn on a daily basis during the summer months, they don't like sick and unhappy customers. Reid will do just fine.<br /><br /><img src="http://www.wainscoat.com/south-america/cape-horn3.jpg" border="0" class="linked-image" /><br /><br /><br /><br /> Finally a somewhat sane posting regarding rounding the Horn. I trust your quali
  17. <br />This time of year the Drake Passage can be very pleasant, you are all making a big deal over nothing.<br /><br />Cruise ships, much smaller boutique and expedition class cruises go around the Horn on a daily basis during the summer months, they don't like sick and unhappy customers. Reid will do just fine.<br /><br /><img src="http://www.wainscoat.com/south-america/cape-horn3.jpg" border="0" class="linked-image" /><br /><br /><br /><br /> Finally a somewhat sane posting regarding rounding the Horn. I trust your quali
  18. Time to post the "Welcome to Cape Horn" sailing pictures: Cape Horn Force 10 by Nikolay Murenets
  19. 2 to 1 for the Horn as of this AM. May change up or down as he gets closer, depending on the weather. do try and keep up billy My guess: Chilean Coast bumper cars: 20% chance SAR at the Horn: 20% Bare poles at the Horn, but survives: 40% Makes it around unscathed, in blissful ignorance and blind luck: 20% Betting on whether or not Reid makes it around the horn will give you all bad karma......Let's all bet/hope he makes it and let the show to go on. With every goal there are risks. Sailing around Cape Horn in a solid boat or even a ship has it
  20. Well, it all depends how you have your settings. I get 100 posts per page, therefore it's page 200! But I'm certainly in agreement with you about this whole journey. I'll readjust my page viewing so this thread gets a lower number... Thanks
  21. You're a bit premature on this one aseawolf. Unfortunately its page 399. Void Ho and the Cheese Scow is another never ending story that was a tragedy from the start. Poor Soanya, poor kids, poor suckers who funded his departure, poor fools who'll buy his book, poor idiots who'll be inspired to do stupid things because of Reid Stowe's success at utter failure. It's not sailing, it's drifting, it's windage against tattered sails & rigging (from day one), it's an artificial reef of flotsam that in the end will provide no value to anyone else but Reid Stowe to stroke is megalomaniac ego.
  22. Nice shot of our girl! Bump 4 from the bottom.
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