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  1. Thanks FKT, I am by no means an expert hence quoting a "mate" it just sounded quite probable ??? @Mr Clean I don't believe I said it was stored in the silo but perhaps implied in a stoage facility, hence the massive hole in the bay in front of the Silo's, just saying ??
  2. So a powder monkey(explosives certified) mate said that Ammonium Nitrate will just fizzle in a fire - probably the 1st fire, what it takes to explode with such force would be the addition of the right amount of diesel within a minute percentage to make it primed (within a 12hr window) & render it effective as an explosive plus the right ignition which would have to be a high explosive charge. Given that each bag of that was in storage would mean they would each need the exact specific mix. I call Bullshit it was a munitions storage (the fireworks was small arms rounds going off) with
  3. Only 1 place in Oz that was over 40c, Alice Springs .... Except for .....
  4. Hahah now who would have done that Indian V Oats in 2017 ends with Spitthill , just saying ...... My concern at the time is that if Oats didn't tack they would have been plucking their wind instruments out of Scally's main .......
  5. Ahhh, No; This is Actual Weather to the South of Current Positions
  6. You need a new map, Green Cape ESE at the moment, forecast is to go East then NE
  7. Easterly starting to kick in, Indian (is actually further South & in the lead) best positioned for the next 4hrs Anyone west of her will be hoping it goes NE sooner than forecast otherwise they will be taking Tassie to Port ..........
  8. Agree, maybe an hour or 2 till they light up & gone ...........
  9. They will split, although East looked good in another 7hrs I reckon Oats is going to go west, take an early advantage & meet them half way down Tas ............. ? Poossiblllly ? .....
  10. New start line at the boarder, big boats generous enough to wait for the 40's, in 24hrs seems like an Easterly pumping back in Offshore ,,,,,,
  11. Would this Oats conversation be more suited in "Fix It Anarchy" .............. just saying
  12. Great concept & hope it's adopted across the globe. There is much I could say of other 1D classes that lacks the foresight of this Class. Melges have done a fantastic job with what they have implimented, designed & delivered, it is an even playing field & this is One Design. Do an International 1D regatta where boats are shared. I still don't like the rule of not being able to hike, anyway ...........
  13. Thanks Leo V & Jack for clarifing, knew I could get an answer from those in the know.
  14. Linky When was the Dutch Company established, he was the Euro supplier.
  15. Be warned there is a copy cat provider in Europe selling sub standard products under the Equiplite Brand that originated in Australia. I would take great care in buying from this fraudster as he has already caused substaintial damage. You Have all been Warned. Take this seriously !!
  16. That's a familiar look, just saying ................ which race was it ????????????
  17. Thanks mate for the explanation will check out the FF site
  18. Watched the replay a few times I think Bronenosec's prodder hit the Caps/D1's of Provessa when they got turned onto Port at the top mark trying to shoot it. There was a frame I saw that kind of indicated a slight brush. Do these boats use EC6 or 3??
  19. Well said Sir ...... but am afraid that almost all are totally unhinged on this site so asking for balance is a useless request .......
  20. Thanks mate, ....... the 1 place I didn't look at ..... DOH
  21. Can someone supply a direct link to said rule for AIS, I've looked everywhere on the CYC Hobart Docs pages & nothing apart from it must be onboard or something ....
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