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  1. Ozee came by too HI! :)

  2. Lady Hellion has come by...HI! :)

  3. H20

    espo is a dick

    so espo had a good weekend. any crew to thank?
  4. H20

    espo is a dick

    I do. 7 of them and me, give or take a few with the occasional guy thrown in. Females are my preferance for crew. Any age, any size and any skill level. I race for fun and a boat load of women is fun. No wind, lots of wind..I dont care. here all those little heads are girls. Might be some below mixing drinks too, don't remember. Big bastard is T. he's always welcome. Oh..and yes that impressed me.
  5. H20

    espo is a dick

    The star class has a new term. It's called bearing into. Bear's a good guy but wear earplugs. He knows who I am so dont even start.
  6. H20

    espo is a dick

    Wow..very impressive. Top shelf bitch slap.
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