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  1. It would be nice to know who's really running LaserPerformance. I found this on the BrandChannel website. Updated: Netto followed up with us to clarify that a "form letter" naming him as a creditor was dropped on his lap only a few days ago, when he learned about the bankruptcy. He also clarified the chain of events, including that the Maclaren bankruptcy filing in the U.S. was on Dec. 29th, but his employer didn't have the courtesy or decency to inform him before the letter. He also clarified that everything had been cordial between him and Maclaren management including Rastegar until he
  2. Most of the discussion is about whether Bruce Kirby or Laser Performance or the ILCA or whomever wins. However, it seems that there is little concern for those that actually sail the boat. Laser Performance has been doing a subpar job all around. I have had difficulty getting parts from them, and I think the boats, especially the hulls are way overpriced for what you get. They are not build like Finns, the hull is very lightly built, they have a short life expectancy, and you should not have to pay $4,500 or so for one that will be uncompetive and therefore useless after it starts leaking and
  3. Is Keeldragger supposed to be racing? You would think so from the discussion of jibing the spinnaker and looking for the mark, but where are the other boats?
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