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  1. Ugly and once again... beautifully kept! It seems a little overloaded. Johann Tanzer built a good boat, but couldn't design above the waterline for shit. I always thought the 22 looked alright: I guess some people shouldn't be allowed to do standing headroom? Either way Tanzer is keeping a lot of people on the water. I got back into sailing on a friend's Tanzer 26 when I moved to Toronto. It is ugly too. You totally don't notice when you're on it. Leant to sail a keel boat on a 22 in Montreal. Pigs, crazy rudders, but they took care of us.
  2. Hey, just curious... I enjoy reading this particular forum, especially being able to chatbdirectly with Bob Perry! I mean come on man, Legend! But I want to know if anyone signed up for the weekly digrst also gets a ton of emails every sunday starting at midnight? I,ve received 15 since 12am... And counting! I suspect i will get another after this post... Mod?
  3. Found this gem in Gananoque Ontario. The kinda ugly only the designer or owner could love.
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