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  1. Wish I could have made it. I was staring at the ocean out of my apartment window on sunday thinking of how nice it must be to be beating up pen bay toward Rockland. On another note, how come nobody shows up to the friday night adult 420 racing at Sail Maine? Its usually me against some hs sailor and an ex law professor from St. Louis who just learned how to sail. I'll do my best to talk them into allowing us to bring rum drinks.
  2. What school, where, how many boats do you need?
  3. Results? Wedding kept me in hot and muggy NH
  4. So, unfortunately i have some really bad news. Sash Spencer, the owner of Hankerin', passed away yesterday after a struggle with a tumor (I am still a little in the dark about exactly what happened). I think we will all remember Sash as a guy who may not have had a well known face at the post race parties but probably influenced GMORA more than most by being a supporter of youth sailing in GMORA. If it wasn't for Sash, I wouldn't have gotten hooked on sailing in GMORA when I was 14 and I probably wouldn't be still doing it (I'm 26 now have to commute from NH every weekend to do it). Previously
  5. Now if we could only make her go a little faster...... See you all this summer. A bunch of our crew is not going to be around this summer so I need a new dd from the parties. Hopefully some of those little squirts grew up and can drive my ass back to/around boothbay.
  6. Ok, here we go. Going between 13 and 15kts depending on waves. everytime we run into one, I feel a punch in the tiller that tells me the boat wants to carve to leward, but nothing that strong and I would just stick it up a few degrees and we'd be fine. My opinion is that we were trying to sail a little deep to the mark and our weight was too far forward. Bow drives down into backside of wave. Tiller hits me in chest and pushes me back up agains life lines. No control. "Ted boats going over". Ted, "everybody hold on." Stern skids out to windward as sails load up and bow is stuck in backsi
  7. Rumor has it that one of the sponsor boats got the the whole thing in photos. There are people on it now, trying to get the pictures. As soon as I get any, they are going up on this thread. Just be patient.
  8. I'd like to. Not sure yet though. If I can't make the whole thing, I'll try to get down for a few days. All depends on my new job...
  9. Kitty, take nutty, he's good. Another SYC alum who is now killing it in college. Good to have you back in the area for a while Nutty. Coming to the open 420 races next week at SYC? Haven't seen you around yet. Pop in for a visit. Not that any of you would give up your precious helm but Nutty happens to be a pretty good driver too.......
  10. Like I said before, my vote was to name the boat "skidmarks". In all seriousness though, it is named after the owners' brother who used to be our navagator but died a few years ago. Hence the "hank spencer" award. Anyways enough about the name. If it wasn't for the OCS this weekend......but that's the same as saying "if only I didn't go the wrong way". Would we have finished with two firsts for the weekend? Probably, but we still f'ed up. Hopefully things run smoothly at boozebay. Boat won't be sailing on our home turf at seguin. Looks like I'll be on a j29. We'll see.
  11. 15-16 Boats on the line? yeah, but that would make it hard. I like starting by myself thank you very much.
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