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  1. Will CYC be participating in the Governor's free shot or beer program? Does anyone know if the downtown bars require you to have actual vaccine card, or is a picture on your phone enough? https://chicago.suntimes.com/coronavirus/2021/6/2/22465776/shot-beer-coronavirus-covid-vaccine-incentive-pritzker-signs-bars-free-drink-incentive-promotion
  2. Looks like Bayview has passed 200 entries for the Port Huron Mac (without any of our Canadian friends) Chicago Mac appears to be at @ 240
  3. Torreson, just outside the launch basin.
  4. Preliminary slip reservations are now posted on the CYC website in two versions - #1 by Boat name #2 by date of payment Apparently the DNR will now be allowing some (limited ?) rafting, as the assignments show rafting zones. Interesting to see some TP52s and GL70s assigned to rafting zones
  5. Interesting - CYC NOR Amendment #2 dated May 20 reduced the number of boats you need to have a Division from 6 to 4. Looks like its being done to save the doublehanded division, which looks like its sitting at 4 right now. Multihull Division may be in trouble, only 2 boats showing, unless there's a couple more buried in the entry list.
  6. I had heard they were going to assign slips in the order you paid the race registration fee. I didn't expect them to make the reservation for you
  7. NO, Its cool. Class allows Code (mearues as a spin). But I guess they've got a problem with the LRH/65/tweeners right now
  8. I think that's a problem in the 111 class.....
  9. Oklahoma governor grills steaks under pro-vegan PETA billboard https://nypost.com/2021/05/13/oklahoma-governor-grills-steaks-under-pro-vegan-peta-billboard/?utm_source=url_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site buttons&utm_campaign=site buttons kevin-stitt-grills-396.webp
  10. Interesting way to get rid of the damn running backstays !
  11. Good news - Chicago's Mayor Lightfoot is setting a goal to "fully reopen" the city by July 4. That should ease some of the pre-race planning pressure on the CYC race committee - and make it more fun for us all to be there pre-race! PS - I got Vax #2 on Thursday - the same day my personal AIS beacon arrived. Damn, that sounded like "virtue signalling", didn't it?
  12. Careful Joe, you're starting to sound like a near-Trump Vax Denier
  13. Would love to hear some input from the Area III thread sailors
  14. But there's a definite COVID cloud over the Chicago waterfront. No real assurance from the powers that be (Pritzker & Lighfoot) that the lakefront will be reopened, parks, bikepaths, beaches and marinas.... let alone food and beverage services. One month out from COLORS and NOOD, and very limited registrations. I believe a lot of boats are taking a wait and see approach.
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