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  1. Thanks. A rubber chicken would be a totally suitable mascot for such an event.
  2. Guess they put the bow back on on that one?
  3. https://pensacola.craigslist.org/bod/d/1985-sailboat-com-pac-yacht/6732205409.html 1985 Sailboat Com-pac Yacht live aboard - $3900 18' liveaboard for 4k$ good deal....
  4. https://pensacola.craigslist.org/boa/d/learn-how-to-buy-fix-sell/6752100653.html I'm 80yo can't do it myself anymore, have 35yrs experience to share with the right person, have made a very good living/lifestyle. You own and operate, I'll consult so you don't make mistakes. It's a great business with almost no overhead. Example: Buy a Boat 17ft to 30ft on Trailer for $1k put $500. into upgrade Total Cost $1500. sell for $5k not a wish ticket but real profit of $3,500. Call me to discuss details or email Because nothing says make money flipping boats like hiri
  5. Someone pay for the food and I'll go and take the duck along, not sure I have Rimas's flair or drifting navigation abilities though...
  6. Any of them for sale cheap? Could make it into a race, see who drifts to Hawaii first.
  7. Nicely done. What's your chemical of choice for corrosion removal? Did you clear it, and if so with what? I do not like those T-clamps on anything except exhaust, have removed many that failed at the spot welds with no signs of other problems until someone grabs them. I've always done brass brush+CLR or muriatic. Really like Nyalic to clear it for fancy, or the 7$ cans of quick drying Moeller engine clear lacquer for fast and cheap. I have rubbermaid bins I'll probably throw out when I retire of these sorts of components where someone didn't want them that I'll get around to s
  8. I like a pale grey. Very pale though. In gelcoat, 1:10-15 grey/white seems Ok, as long it's all the vertical surfaces or all the horizontal ones not both.(hull sides or cabin top, that sort of thing).
  9. If you're using hose again with a similar route and it will be hot, I'd still add one. We noticed a longer service life on heater hose for hydronic systems by doing this anywhere there was a 90 degree bend when installing. Much nicer is to run pex, but that can be a lot of work if your boat is all hose.
  10. http://www.unicoil.com.au/ Would be handy on that hose that's kinking. Seems to help them last longer before splitting.
  11. The dumb part of steel piles is that they don't ACTUALLY replace the zincs in many places. Wood piles are more tolerant of this. The fuel dock here in town has been complaining to the port authority to replace the zincs for going on about two years. They have the ones hanging on wires so it's easy to do. They pull the empty ones up and leave them on the dock and then the harbour authority people kick them back in.
  12. That's excellent entertainment right there. Can't imagine the batteries liked that bath too much. There's a certain draw towards the most unrewarding project type boats for some.
  13. I have a funny story about a PYI shaft seal, a clueless customer and an even more clueless diesel engine shop...
  14. Loctite and NEW set screws work for me usually. Second time you tighten them, not so much. Pain in the butt getting the right sizes but better than nothing if through bolting isn't an option.
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