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  1. If the editor is being objectively accurate, the "Annapolis PD..... has a report", which could and or be a case/ investigation. So their unwillingness to talk about is a maybe a good sign. This is a not simply rape allegations. We're talking MUCH MORE that: Aggravated Rape Aggravated Assault Kidnapping Sloppy allegation and loose journalism, can become slanderous. Allegations and indications are, it was after the sailing event, adults, in public Annapolis. Up till now we have nothing to tie the USNA to this. USNA is not part of the City of Annapol
  2. All WE have now is one social media post, from one person, 6 days ago. "today i tell my story" There is NO indication, RWU, US Sailing, ICSA, USNA and Annapolis Police any more than, one social media post, from one person, from 6 days ago. No indication, that this case, (if it is a case) is more more than 6 days old. I recommend, give it some time. The place to check is the D.A. and or Annapolis police dept. You have the right to public information, even if names are not disclosed for privacy. In basic principle, the police do a investigation, the DA and or grand jury de
  3. There is no indication the crime took place on USNA property. No indication its a Navy problem. The Sailing event was over. "the night...after the Nationals". Appears to begin with, 21+ adults, drinking in a public bar. Loose lips , inaccurate details, sink ships. Yes this is a serious issue & case for RWU, US Sailing, ICSA, and USNA. They should be interested and then involved if their member/student are indicted in a crime. Paramount, it appears to be a crime outside/after of the sailing event, not on a campus or academy . Primarily, most likely, falls
  4. shrimp


    Now back to the crime........ SAD, and SICK. Looking beyond the ICSA,..... where is the Naval Acedemy, City of Annapolis, in this mess? Where did the crime take place? Where the teams boarding on USNA grounds, did this crime take place on this Federal property? Some suggest, arbitrarily, the perp's are male. Don't discount the fact female could have been involved. High probability was male perps., so where was their female team mates?, not wanting to hang out with the pigs. Drinking involved,......... again. Sadly this doesn't help the case. Annapolis being a bubbl
  5. Not allowing "re-starting" is further pussy-ifcation of the sport of sailing. If you cant handle your yacht, display sailing skills, in a seamanship like manner you shouldn't be out there anyway. This was displayed at the start of the last Vendee Globe. Boat was over early, had all the room in the world to re-start, rather was not allowed to do so. If you cant let the fleet pass you, and then return the the line, maybe you shouldn't be sailing around the world.
  6. The world could learn allot from Stanford. Including it's mistakes. Stanford isn't perfect, no one is. ( sailing is not NCAA) , but looking at NCAA, PAC 12 and football, Stanford has said years ago that if collage sports go "professional" they'll most likely bow out, they'll find a alternative. Big money, and the athletic department does not run the university. For those who don't know, whether its USC or Standard, these are private schools, as private schools, they set their own goals and standards. Even though they're 2 of the PAC12, they are flagship, and the PAC 12 falls apart
  7. Dear Foiling Opti: I think you have some very good points. FIA is not a governing body. FIA is a association, which some are members. World Sailing is as it's name implies. It is the "World Governing Body". So at the end of the day ,it is best to compare World Sailing to FIFA or another governing body. My perception, both are basically are Nazi regimes, leading most to believe, they need their tentacles in everything, and that all the wheels will fall off it they don't exist. FIFA has billions in the bank, seems to be pretty good at what they do. World Sailing is n
  8. In about every corner of the world there is motor sports. There is no true world governing body, nor is it in the Olympics. There is something to be learned from this. People who race to Dakar, have little in common with those who race at Indy or motocross at Daytona. Neither need to be told by a bunch of suits, in London, what to do.
  9. Missing in action was ETNZ MEDIA DEPARTMENT before this photo was released. It’s their job to scrub and review what goes out the door. If ETNZ sells us their “cutting edge, stat of the art, the best of the best”, then this should be top to bottom. Regardless of the editor’s fact or fiction, I doubt this photo represent the race and or sex image ETNZ or their GLOBAL CORPORATE SPONSORS want to portray. NZ maybe a corner of the earth, but it’s not a vacuum. Every corner, every country has race and sexism issues, including NZ. Photos like this don’t help. Reminder: S.A. is
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