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  1. I've thought of doing this many times, but have hesitated because it will move the SOG of the boat aft on the trailer, putting more pressure on the aft-most supports for the boat and hull contact points. More specifically, the aft roller support on the boat will still be supporting the same weight, but the portion of the mast weight that previously held the bow down by resting on the pulpit will now be on the trailer, creating somewhat of a lever effect pushing down on the stern of the boat.
  2. Typically yes. Although there was another thread in the FCT forum of a rotating mast ball failing, perhaps a manufacturing defect? Either way, important not to underestimate the compression loads while sailing.
  3. Not much load at rest, but pretty significant compression loads while sailing though, much more than the typical tongue weight of most trailers.
  4. What’s happening with the Wild Thing tour of the US?
  5. That's assuming you're flying it from a sprit and trying to do apparent wind sailing like a sport boat, which doesn't work so well on a heavier boat. But the asymmetric sail is still a more efficient airfoil shape, and by squaring it back you can sail much closer to the rumb line and don't have to sail the extra distance. Just like a sym kite keep the pole perpendicular to the apparent wind. The sweet spot seems to be about 30 degrees off the forestay in above 15 knots of breeze or more, but you do need to take wind speed and boat speed into account. Stan Honey very successf
  6. The polars for our boat were produced with a symmetric spinnaker and we could exceed them with an asymmetric squared back. The reason is that the thrust produced by a sail is proportional and perpendicular to the curvature of the sail, as shown in this diagram from North Sails. With an asymmetric cut as show there is more lift in a forward direction, and if you square back an asymmetric spinnaker much of this will be in the same direction of travel as the boat, versus a symmetric spinnaker which will produce more heel. It's a simple fact of physics that asymmetric sails
  7. ^^^This is the ticket - fly the assym on conventional pole so you can square it back!!! I owned a similar boat with five kites (S1.5, S2, S4, A2, A3) and squaring back the assyms was a potent weapon. The A2 was the kite we used 90% of the time because it generated more useful lift than the S2 of the same size because the thrust vector was oriented more in a forward direction. The only time I would favour the S2 over the A2 is on a DDW course with lots of gybes (e.g. in a narrow bay or channel) because the S2 is quicker to gybe with a full race crew. Pretty much all other condi
  8. Pretty much any car can flip too when it encounters operating conditions outside of its design parameters, yet we foolishly continue to operate these death traps
  9. Yes except there aren't very many of them...three I think... Or if "comfy cruising" includes boat camping consider a multihull like an F-24, Sprint/Dash 750 etc. Lots of these around at a reasonable price.
  10. Maybe we can leverage @multihuler's skills to get her at a discount, then once we win the TWOSTAR he can cash in big time!
  11. The Fboat forum is great for info on how people are using or configuring production models, but there doesn't seem to be as much hardcore DIY repair advice and expertise such as that provided by @Zonker et al.
  12. We had lots of trouble getting trimaran insurance here in Canada about 18 months ago. Our broker works with five underwriters and only one would even give us a quote once they heard it was a multihull. Even the same underwriter that held the policy for the previous owner wouldn't give us a quote, despite having more than 20 years of boat ownership with zero claims.
  13. My sense of civic duty compels me to offer aforementioned young blood for your TWOSTAR attempt aboard Shockwave!
  14. Nice video! The wrap is gone - are these new owners or is she still for sale?
  15. It was the Canadian Forces Sailing Association Regatta and the lee shore finish was off Saxe Point in Esquimalt. The spectacle actually generated quite a stir in the clubhouse afterward! We had practiced beforehand with a smaller kite in lighter breeze.
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