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  1. I've got Progressive. No claims yet but they also don't jack their premiums up 50% year over year like GEICO either. Seriously, they jacked me up 50% in 2020 when our boating season was about half the length of a normal one with next to no racing. Fuck those guys.
  2. New coat every year.
  3. Does "9 Lives IV" mean they blew through 27 already and are working on another 9?
  4. I didn't even think Rig-Rite was a merchant, thought they were just a collector of rigging shit that liked showing off.
  5. You know, now that I think about it, I ended up moving away from 3 lams at once when working on larger sections that are bigger than the 2-3 square foot max. Over the course of the project, I worked out a whole methodology for templating that ended up saving me tons of effort. You cut and clean your hole and grind out your bevel. Then tape up a piece of clear poly sheeting over the hole and trace out both the edge of the hole and the edge of the bevel on the same sheet. Take the poly sheet and draw a line right in the middle of the two lines. Cut the poly tarp on the new middle line,
  6. I was using 1708. Two guys and a bubble roller, it stuck pretty well.
  7. One of the benefits of doing it from the outside is that you're working on a convex surface from the outside, so the balsa goes in scrim first. Butter the sides of the hole, spread bog with toothed trowel to ensure that there is reasonably even coverage, put the new core in, push like holy hell to get it seated properly, more bog to fill gaps on the sides and between the blocks. You end up basically here: After that, the fiberglass can go on. This is a place that gravity hurts, there's basically a maximum size, about two or three square feet until it starts getting very unwieldy. I
  8. I'm just finishing recoring a hull from the outside, so both working against gravity and having to fair the hull afterward. If I had to pick which of the two was a bigger pain in my ass, I would 100% say the fairing. If I had this kind of job where I get to pick which of the two I want to deal with, I'd work against the gravity. Then again, that's me and I already bought the pump and learned the billion little lessons the hard way, though. Also, I was doing a hull where I'm probably more concerned about adhesion and strength, and wouldn't give half as much of a shit about a deck.
  9. I'd do it from inside, balsa core and vac bag the core and layup all at once. The core will stick into thickened epoxy on its own, then wet glass, then peel ply, then breather (use spray adhesive to get it to stick), then the bag.
  10. If it's awlgrip, could be Aristo Blue.
  11. I went with the EVOs cuz they were a hundred bucks cheaper. Anything is better than the clapped out Wavegrips I currently have.
  12. Speak for yourself, the lifelines on my boat look pretty suspect.
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