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  1. fucket

    What is considered running a "Good Program"?

    Speak for yourself, the lifelines on my boat look pretty suspect.
  2. fucket

    composite floor boards?

    I race in a class with a minimum weight. I'm right there, so I keep on trying to imagine (legal) ways to make my cabin sole as heavy as possible, so I can remove weight elsewhere.
  3. fucket

    do big race boats depreciate?

    So it was $85k in July and it's now $120k in January? Sounds like a great investment!
  4. I'm all for cheaping out with no-name ebay garbage when appropriate, but shroud turnbuckles seem like one of the occasions where it wouldn't be appropriate.
  5. fucket

    Chicago Area III

    What's this ORC shit cost? I don't see my boat on their one design list, what's the fleet going to have to pay for measurement?
  6. fucket

    Tower of Power

    Well, that made my morning a bit brighter.
  7. fucket

    Freeing up a stuck engine

    But once you get it running, you have to keep on cleaning dead koalas out of the engine compartment.
  8. fucket

    Benefits of a solid vang in light air

    I don't know about that, you need the beers most when it's light out.
  9. fucket

    NYYC Race Week Home Cooking

    It's a plausible scenario that fits the apparent facts. Even more plausible is that they said they had to luff their sails a bit on port tack all day to keep the hole out of the water and were slower as a result. But, hey, if you enjoy conspiracy theories, Obama did it.
  10. fucket

    NYYC Race Week Home Cooking

    That all seems reasonable enough to me.
  11. fucket

    NYYC Race Week Home Cooking

    Where did Blazer finish before the redress was given?
  12. fucket

    Dimension Polyant Aramid Sport

    My sailmaker says that the price of Aramid has gone up so much to make it not much cheaper than carbon and not really worth using any more. At least that was his argument for getting our class to allow carbon jibs.
  13. fucket

    Turnbuckle Cover Anarchy

    Just wrap the whole mess with etape.
  14. fucket

    Ed, u gonna lead the counter parade?

    I've learned one thing from this thread: PeterRoss is a gigantic cunt.