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  1. I highly recommend Hagerty based on a claim I filed with them last year. The claim was paid quickly and with zero hassle. Probably not the cheapest insurance out there, but sometimes you get what you pay for. If your boat is more than 20 years old you may find your options very limited. Hagerty offers a 'classic boat' policy which is what I have.
  2. Our club is cruising to Cape Cod Bay and Mid-coast Maine this summer. I wrote up a cruise plan for getting there and back that others may find interesting. Adjust the dates to match yours of course! For cruisers who plan to do the delivery to Marion and trip back to home immediately prior to the beginning and end of the cruise, the stars are in alignment to take advantage of the tides for a speedy and efficient passage! Allow me to explain… Those who have read the classic Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book may recall a page titled ‘Holding a Fair Current LI to Nantucket’. As luck wo
  3. Thanks for the feedback! Thinking I'll spring for it based on the replies here.
  4. From my point of view as PC, the primary reason one side loses the protest and the other side wins, is the logical consistency, or lack thereof, of the 'facts' presented. In almost all cases, the two sides will present interpretations of the encounter that cannot possibly exist in the same universe. I wouldn't say that one side or the other is necessarily lying (I think that is rare, actually), just that they see the situation from their own viewpoint, strongly influenced by what favors their case. So when presented with two opposing stories, and in the lack of reliable witnesses, I will fi
  5. Does anyone have experience with the Sirius XM WM-4 weather receiver, feeding weather info to a Zeus-3 plotter? My use case is to get advance warning of thunderstorms when offshore out of cell phone range, especially at night. Is it worth the cost ($450 for the receiver plus XM subscription)? Are there other alternatives?
  6. One warning about KiwiGrip, the application is highly dependent on the temperature when you apply it. I applied it on a hot day and it flash dried so quickly that peaks didn't have time to settle and they were like a deck full of tiny razors. I've also read that if you apply it when too cool the non-skid texture will offer little grip. I ultimately sanded all the KiwiGrip off and re-painted the deck with Quantum-99 two part polyurethane and Soft Sand grit. It turned out great. If you do a search here from a couple years back you should be able to find the entire thread.
  7. Thanks for the leads! The Seacoast product looks super high quality, but oddly the teak/holly pattern is 1 3/4" / 3/16" where the standard pattern is 2 3/8" / 1/4". That's also the pattern on my cabin sole, so unfortunately doesn't work for me. The Boulter product looks like it fits the bill, I'll reach out to them. The Premium website mentions teak/holly but doesn't have any other information, so I'll check them if Boulter doesn't work. I also found Roberts Plywood in Deer Park NY, but their price is nearly double every other source I've checked, so they're out. Glenn
  8. Can anyone recommend a source for teak/holly plywood in the Northeast? I've found Homestead in Ohio and Wood-Chip Marine in Florida, but shipping costs are prohibitive.
  9. I couldn't find a direct replacement for the original J-boats combo faucet/shower head either. I replaced mine with 'Ambassador Marine Trinidad Head / Shower Combo Faucet with Classic Sprayer', $209 from Defender. I just replaced the faucet/shower head and discarded the handles. IMO, they are far superior to the originals.
  10. Cool, they look like a good singlehanded one design for a biggie like me. What's a competitive weight range for the MCs?
  11. Where are MCs active in Connecticut?
  12. This was taken a few years back just west of Fishers Island, NY. It was crack of dawn and my course was taking me directly across his bow, so I turned to port and passed him starboard-starboard. The RIBs didn't show up until about 15 minutes after the sub surfaced, and when they did they totally ignored me, to my pleasant surprise. CPA was 100 yards or less, closer than it looks in the photo.
  13. I used Sunoco Optima fuel for the first time this season after buying a new outboard. It contains no ethanol and is 95 octane, so nothing extreme. It comes in 5 gallon cans and costs about $70. The cheap bastard in me screams, but it is cheaper than a mechanic down the road. 5 gallons will last at least a season, and Sunoco states it remains fresh for a couple years.
  14. I saw the Sharkbite fittings, but my priority was to find a T-valve that would work. When I found the AquaLock valve I built the rest of the system around it.
  15. Breamerly; I agree with everything you said, matter of fact it's a great summarization of what I learned working with PEX for the first time on this project. What motivated me to go with PEX however is the same problem that the OP stated. My Y-valve was leaking and I couldn't find a replacement. Hard to believe, are there no modern boats with two or more water tanks? How can there not an off the shelf part to fit right in? Even worse, I needed something to fit into a tight space, that well in the photo is only 13"x11". At a slightly higher cost and effort than I expected, the PEX so
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