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  1. Mauripro Sailing is the best place to get line and splicing. Better prices too.
  2. Oh yeah, you're right! Thank you, Boomer! Carry on...
  3. Explain to me how I am a bigot that can't spell. I can't wait to hear this.
  4. In that picture, I see 8 men that identify as black, 1 as yellow, 13 as trans, and 2 Agender. Now whose the racist??
  5. No blocks needed with Dyneema or if you insist on using blocks then just splice a luggage tag on both ends. Problem solved! Or you can use 4-6mm Double braid polyester and standard eye splice.
  6. You mean like an ID to vote?
  7. Ita a Polaris, an aft cabin center cockpit Star boat. Very popular with retired Star sailors who like to cruise.
  8. I was hoping nobody would notice.
  9. https://seabags.com/our-company/sea-bags-sail-trade-program.html
  10. ...Back from the dead, Yo SPO What Up???
  11. like to hear Flips p.o.v., because I was there and practiced on thursday and there was air and on all three days of the event there was air except for Sunnnnday which was a bust and we towed Snatch in behind us which was a fluke because we were being towed, too and some sumbitch towing US asked us if we actually had an o/b on board and wouldnt accept our tow line until we pulled the o/b out of the saloon up on deck and SHOWED him the moe-foe which pissed us all off and luckily there was enough beer on the boat to defuse the situation because the more I drink the less hostile I become. as
  12. Hmmmm... well... umm... ME THINKS THAT SHOULDN'T BE TUFF... I expected that from you! You never know do ya Chup! How is the boat coming? You going to make it to the Oct 8th 1-dayer at DIYC -BIOTCH? Boats coming good! I'll be in NY with Espo that weekend!
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