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  1. Heck, just keeping a 505 on the water is a fair amount of work...bump those foils into something and well, yep, you'll be mechanical for sure.
  2. But tritium is useful. Used on watches and other things. Why throw it away? Sell it!
  3. Helps explain why Pacific fish have always had higher pcb than Atlantic. Always wondered about this.
  4. Snark: the Suzuki Violin of Sailing :-D
  5. In the 70s I was racing a GP-14 and the 16 and the Prindle were basically brand new. The 18 was absolutely new. They all sailed circles around us unless the breeze was under 4 kts. This picture makes me nostalgic for those days on the PA lakes.
  6. Snark sighted in the wild in CT yesterday:
  7. Strawberry Mansion Bridge. Believe it or not, I've sailed both a Flying Dutchman and a 505 on the exact stretch of water. I soloed first time ever there too--on a rented sunfish. Never forget that slushing sound when she got up on a plane.
  8. Blackadder is the best sequel er prequelsequel
  9. Dave,anything you sail beats the Portsmouth--when you sail it. Is the rudder good then? The 14 footer (not the original one--the fat one) had an ininspiring rudder and tiller.
  10. Love that Hot Rod Lincoln. The first time I heard that I was with my Grandmother. She also loved "Boy Named Sue" by the inimitable Johnny. She even made a 78 with her cousin when she was a teenager in the teens--we played THAT on the Victrola.
  11. The question remains, what about the Little Deuce Coupe?
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