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  1. In all serioisness I wish I could finf my Lloyds Registrr of American Yachts. Forget the state flag. Fly yourcpersonal signal. Put a bear on it.
  2. Now bear in mind this is all about laminar flow. Such conditions are not always possible. And laminar flow sections on foils have their limitations (as I mentioned upthread). If you want your foil to operate at greater angles of attack without stalling, you want a turbulent boundary layer. You can't have everything.
  3. God, that must make me bordering ancient. I coached optimists in the 80s.
  4. Optimists after my time. We raced lasers. (Yes, I know...I know...but where we sailed in the Bay it was Penguins -- > Lasers/420s and later Optis)
  5. As long as you fly the cbf or the Trump flag at the same time, it's all good.
  6. Rimas jas been eclipsed by a truly lunar rival
  7. Julian is pointing out what Feynman also pointed out: hydrodynamics is harder to solve than Quantum Electro Dynamics. Delaying turbulrnt transition is Weird Science. If you look at skin frict coefficient plots over Reynolds Nimbers, the transition zone is a big band of incerainty. What Julian's suggestions are supposed to do is stay laminar to the highest possible reynolds nimber On soaring planes some high performance ones have "laminar flow sections" on wingd, and just dust on the sirface trips them to turbulence
  8. Singlehand the 420 on the trap and then learn to singlehand and set the spinnaker alone and onto the trapeze. Then you can do anything :-)
  9. In these situations I ask, "what would Bernard Moitessier do?"
  10. She is eye-catching! She is a trifle and quite tasty. We slightly outpaced her yesterday dead downwind through the Thames. We were in a 13 foot sloop rigged dinghy. LOL. She needed a preventer and a vang and a whisker pole, I cannot imagine we could have passed her then!. The first thing that we noticed was the rig in the distance, "he is that another tri?" Then closer, "hey, what IS that?!" So we tacked along the shore until we got closer and a bit inside Ocean Beach we tacked behind her and chased her to see what she is. The sheer looked "backwards very reminiscent of a Junk. She s
  11. Why arent the crew on thr end of the boom?
  12. The frightening thing to realise is that that success can *neve* happen again!
  13. Isnt that where the guy from Falklands went to try stuff out? What happened to him? Had a 700.
  14. I *still* have the clipping my father sent me of White Lightning. What was it--1978? Fucking amazing.
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