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  1. Snark: the Suzuki Violin of Sailing :-D
  2. In the 70s I was racing a GP-14 and the 16 and the Prindle were basically brand new. The 18 was absolutely new. They all sailed circles around us unless the breeze was under 4 kts. This picture makes me nostalgic for those days on the PA lakes.
  3. Snark sighted in the wild in CT yesterday:
  4. Strawberry Mansion Bridge. Believe it or not, I've sailed both a Flying Dutchman and a 505 on the exact stretch of water. I soloed first time ever there too--on a rented sunfish. Never forget that slushing sound when she got up on a plane.
  5. Dave,anything you sail beats the Portsmouth--when you sail it. Is the rudder good then? The 14 footer (not the original one--the fat one) had an ininspiring rudder and tiller.
  6. Love that Hot Rod Lincoln. The first time I heard that I was with my Grandmother. She also loved "Boy Named Sue" by the inimitable Johnny. She even made a 78 with her cousin when she was a teenager in the teens--we played THAT on the Victrola.
  7. Haha Well, yes, I was in your backyard! I think it was 1988. I'm pretty sure I stayed at your house! Memory is spotty but I never forget a boat :-)
  8. Hiw about buggy whip anarchy?
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