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  1. It ticks a lot of boxes. 505 ticks same ones frankly but more sail. I sail 505 but never yet fireballl. I will tell ypu that at regattas it is the fireballs that dont rush to the keg but keep playimg in the breeze. Seen this a number of times at American during HPDO
  2. Freshwatee ice. Szo I lnowe wherecto look:) Btw when I did the transatlantic itvwas a logjt on the Scillysvthat I first saw and was our official landfall in the middle of the night. Blowing a gale. Mayve it was another one of the six out there thoigh. Interrstimg history: https://www.visitislesofscilly.com/experience/things-to-do/history-and-heritage/lighthouses
  3. It is on easterm extemts of the Atlantic Ocean
  4. I ve raced as skipper on one a few times. Almost won a race! My brothers team edged me oit at the finish. But he wasnt skipperimg. (So bragging rights only partually intact) Fun boat in that perfectly wood and manilla way. Love gaffs.
  5. Not cape elizabeth nor any other in Portland
  6. Spend qualitt time with lomgboard filler wetsand ans polosh to mirror. One good shift can put you in the leascone moment, but a slow bottom drags ypu back all day. You will sail the course one way or another. How much extra time you ea t tocwaste?
  7. Oh, nubble is York. This one is not south or west of there. Note the background. It isnt sky.
  8. Yes! Maine. No. I don't know that one haha.
  9. Ok I hope yawl find this next challenge acceptable. I have continued the small keelboat theme with an even older type. Name the lighthouse.
  10. That is such an utterly fantastic find--just love when something interesting like that finds a home, and Happy Thanksgiving. I just comsumed some serious smountd of Texas smoked tirkey. I have sailed but not raced atlantics, and I watched nationals from my rowing skiff (peapod but not exactly) some uears back. Postimg next challengr soon
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