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  1. That is notvwhat i did. I searched my specidic question, why are chinese companies not good at branding? Also incognito iscalso in the foshbowl google "alias"s the sessions
  2. No cherry picking dude. Search click. Yeah old. That is the point-my observation is apparently not original and not new. That was theh top google result. Of course your results will not match mine. Google fishbowl effect. So now bigot, and troll. Wow. Never expected this but whatever.
  3. ApparentlyI am not the only one to observe the branding problrm. Never googled this vefore. Vut wow. Lookie that. Harvard Biz Review. Observation os now Bigotry. Do you realise how fuckef up that is? https://hbr.org/2013/06/will-china-catch-up-on-brandin
  4. LOL you didn't answer the question about corporate naming versus shopping out. Pollution--whatever. There is nothing bigoted about pointing out stuff that is real. This goes for corporate structure and how Chinese companies simply do not exist in the same way that Japanese and Korean ones existed 20 years after WWII....The Chinese business presence is distinctly different from that path. Again, pointing this out is not bigoted. And being untrusting of a Communist government, well, if you call that bigotry, then I guess every human who prefers to live as a a member of a free society is a bigot.
  5. Go fuck yourself, Bruce. I did not disparage the chinese laser maker directly. Go ready my posts again. I never even mentioned them. But you DID call me a bigot. So again, go fuck yourself. I have Chinese friends who escaped the Cultural Destruction--who were my classmates. I have graduate school classmates from China--some committed Communists, others who got the fuck out and became Americans.I have serious issues with the Communist party control of that country--AND its effect on the business climate. I'm sure you have even more Chinese contacts in China. That's great. But you call
  6. So Martin: you disagree that the Chinese model is diffetent? You feel it is nit important to have your own Q/A peopke onsite? Let us hear it. How many Chinese brands are in common consumption? A few. Oh and Thinkpad was an IBM brandnsme...before Lenovo ..haha. Mr Toyoda and Mr. Hyundai put their names on stuff. You know, like Mr Ford and Mr. Bertram. Where is the Chinese major multinational with a name? Interesting problem.
  7. Dude, you are making shit up. Reality is not bigotry. Chinese policy is not Chinese persons. I know the difference. What I can tell you is that Chinese products jave a quality assurance problem. You wantvto pretend not, fine but dont you dare call me a Bigit because I recognize facts. Go talk to people imvolved in sourcing safety criticsl parts and sustems and how difficult that id in Choma, for Americans. Go look at the lithium battery fires of Chinese skateboards. Go talk to marine electrical component people. This is not bigoytry. Glad you didnt get sick over there. Millions
  8. Every colleague of mine who has traveled there even briefly comes homecwith lung damage. And dtories about supervision. Thishas nothing to do with worldview. It is simply reality. Btw Chinese domestic stuff seems to work better than the schlock we end up with. Hmmm, I wonder why???
  9. Thats fucked up. Most of my tourist dollars flow to Canada. Looks like another year No Canada!
  10. Nyc opens July 1. Canada vetter get its act together or the world will pass it by.
  11. Oh and for 20 years Ive called it CCC. Cheap Chinese Crap. Notice there are almost no Chinese brands... You have to start growing some semblance of a spine to be a brand. On the other hand, American "brands" (like hardware for instance) sold their souls. You get ccc with a american brand on it. And the stuff fails. Even fucking galvanized wire. How can you fuck that up? Easy. Chinese job shop. Ask around about Wintec....shells and boats.....cheap? Ueah. Guess what. Vespoli made in Connecticut is a better *value.*
  12. The Chinese international business model is unlike anyvother. It is one huge job shop. Inless you put yoir people in there, you will get abdolute shit. Ask Apple about that.
  13. https://images.app.goo.gl/Pr4zcThuP5QUh3gv8
  14. I am prejudiced against pretty much anything made in China. Heck, my favorite tea is from the island of Formosa.
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