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  1. Well said, (coming from the high plains 600 miles north of you - where yes besides ski poles one can find such things as deep keels and dinghy regattas!)
  2. Not longer than 2516 mm and fitting to project not more than 50 mm, if that's still current. http://www.cinquo.org/wp1/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Measurement_rules_2010.pdf
  3. I imagine moving that sandbag to windward on each tack would be somewhat time consuming.
  4. Just some lyrics from the "Chutes Too Narrow" album (grin).
  5. Chutes Too Narrow... Just fly the whole mess into the sea.
  6. They might come off more easily in the same way liquid pours out of a can more easily if you punch out a second hole. Or put in a pair of Elvstrom bailers.
  7. The word "chute" could be used to mean either the spinnaker, or the tunnel under the foredeck. I'm assuming in this case though Roy is referring to the tunnel. Does enlarging the throat require any modification of the forestay stem plate? In the link DK provided above, it appears that no such modification was required. Might be a different story for boats with furlers. My old Rondar has a furler with the drum above the deck. On some older 5O5's with furlers, the drum is below the deck. If your Kyrwood has this feature enlarging the throat without modifying the forestay might be difficult.
  8. Women's 470 streaming now. Can those outside Canada see this? https://www.cbc.ca/sports/olympics/summer/sailing/streaming-schedule?fbclid=IwAR09m22ML3D3JmjOSbL9ARNlsU8ULMrU6w02Lho1qnESPPm8QtH6znfIYuw
  9. Can't say from experience, but chatted with a couple of experienced 49er sailors earlier this month. They told me they use Banks skiff harness and not the key ball type.
  10. Another idea... https://youtu.be/ZQ5MDYuC0pU
  11. 3:36 in Admiral's second clip... two boats at the same time?
  12. I read in a different thread that someone simply put flotation bags up there and in the tanks as an added safety measure for these old boats. I suppose the same caution applies here same as over-pressurising the chambers.
  13. Welcome KGP. Some discussion here:
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