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  1. Is this it? https://www.rssailing.com/wp-content/uploads/guides/RS_Venture_Rigging_Guide.pdf
  2. Agree with Eu. Bloke. Also, if it's the boom brake I'm thinking of (that occupies a similar position as the vang, which on dinghies is highly adjustable) wouldn't they interfere with each other, one rendering the other useless?
  3. Is this for drying out? Other than that, I can't recommend a location, though -- one of the worst places to locate one (beside the obvious) is just beyond reach of backing for important rigging. Incidentally, a while ago I read elsewhere in Dinghy Anarchy that someone blew apart his (5O5?) when he aimed the "blow" end of a shop vac into an inspection port.
  4. No place for such Stark ravings.
  5. And of all the participants, her track is the right colour. The 72 carat diamond at the right is a nice touch too.
  6. Have been re-visiting various videos from this Vendee edition. I made the mistake of doing this on lunch break (honest!) at work, where I use noise-cancelling headphones (as needed due to loud bullshitting in the office). Then came across this clip from Day 2: https://youtu.be/QIJmpD-bWmE?t=74 The sound (through headphones) from time mark 1:19 – 3:16 is unbelievably – immersive. But even more compelling is Pip’s tour above (thanks Stief). One feels the call to do the same.
  7. I find her shot of Cape Horn the most moving of all...
  8. (Source: https://www.imoca.org/en/skippers-1/didac-costa)
  9. Is there a record for most names as well? KINGFISHER, CASTO-BUT-DARTY, TEAM 888, SKANDIA SET SAIL, TEAM COWES, SAFRAN, Educacion sin Fronteras, Fòrum Marítim Català
  10. Her presence definitely overpowers all the other "noise" on the cover.
  11. Fiefs Vendéens Mareuil Rouge
  12. I think he also added something to the effect, "We should really have three hands..."
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