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  1. I see you're a Douglas Adams fan. By way of another solution, the dude on the middle left.
  2. Yes, Mine(non-original) from my 5O5 looks like that, sort of, judging from the foot for scale.
  3. Is it possible the line is "wound up" (excessively twisted), which could happen if pulled straight out from a coil after being stowed? Never seen that happen with sheets though.
  4. That reminds me of this beautiful video of a 5O5 on Lake Garda... 4:50 the splice looks a little rough but still seems to run smoothly.
  5. some good ideas at this anarchy:
  6. About a body length to windward.
  7. Is this it? https://www.rssailing.com/wp-content/uploads/guides/RS_Venture_Rigging_Guide.pdf
  8. Agree with Eu. Bloke. Also, if it's the boom brake I'm thinking of (that occupies a similar position as the vang, which on dinghies is highly adjustable) wouldn't they interfere with each other, one rendering the other useless?
  9. Is this for drying out? Other than that, I can't recommend a location, though -- one of the worst places to locate one (beside the obvious) is just beyond reach of backing for important rigging. Incidentally, a while ago I read elsewhere in Dinghy Anarchy that someone blew apart his (5O5?) when he aimed the "blow" end of a shop vac into an inspection port.
  10. No place for such Stark ravings.
  11. And of all the participants, her track is the right colour. The 72 carat diamond at the right is a nice touch too.
  12. Have been re-visiting various videos from this Vendee edition. I made the mistake of doing this on lunch break (honest!) at work, where I use noise-cancelling headphones (as needed due to loud bullshitting in the office). Then came across this clip from Day 2: https://youtu.be/QIJmpD-bWmE?t=74 The sound (through headphones) from time mark 1:19 – 3:16 is unbelievably – immersive. But even more compelling is Pip’s tour above (thanks Stief). One feels the call to do the same.
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