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  1. Explosion on board the USS Wasp (CV-18) when a helicopter engine explodes in a hangar bay, 250 miles east of Norfolk, Virginia while carrying nuclear weapons, August 18, 1959 [image] by George Tice
  2. hoping this is a very recent pic
  3. my wife & I have experimented (under medical supervision) with MANY forms of magnesium, primarily for her as a muscle 'relaxer' caused by a neurological condition, we have tried so many as her body does not absorb or accept magnesium readily. That said, we have not tried Magnesium Threonate. For neurological conditions, one of my go-to persons for neurological information is Dr David Perlmutter, he likes Magnesium Threonate as it is one of the very few vitamin/mineral/drug's that will cross the blood/brain barrier to permeate the brain cavity - article link I can find nothing ref
  4. had to dissect the mandible so tattoo artist could access palate
  5. Hobot, I dont reckon you could get any closer to home for me than this, The Kelly's Bush green ban, 1971 - one of the knock on effects was a new sailing club for us, to prevent developers building apartments on parkland. Poodle - we prolly know each other !
  6. they play a different sort of music in that place now
  7. T - tensionmeter A - Asshat D - Dumfukistan N - NTTAWWT (phonetic = nitwit)
  8. if your newsletter is the highest likely cause, it is REALLY easy for your IT support to set up a sub-domain so that newsletters appear to be sent from Bob@newsletter.domainname.com this will separate your daily email from the clutter of newsletters Am linking an article for you as it is much more succinct that I am capable of, as your question is a multi layered problem. I have quoted below the most immediate fix you can do for yourself. Article link https://webmasters.stackexchange.com/questions/27707/how-can-i-find-out-if-my-domain-has-been-added-to-email-blacklists
  9. Hobot, more good vibes being sent from Downunderland for your recovery and good health. ML
  10. nice skills there. from the thread title, I was expecting a cougar in a kitchen
  11. these guys will do it for a setup fee + a per parcel fee - https://www.forward2me.com/uk-to-usa-parcel-forwarding/ no experience with them, but I use an equivalent service from USA to Oz (called ShopMate), I make an online purchase and gets it sent to a USA address that has been provided to me, so the shipper is none the wiser that the destination is Oz, and when it arrives at "my" USA address, I am notified of the fee to forward me, once paid the parcel is in a plane to Oz. for ShopMate there is no sign up fee, only time I get charged is when they send something to me, they will co
  12. Building W - Sydney TAFE. I did the business case to restore and refit that building 15-20 years ago. musta worked out all right then ....
  13. fair winds and thanks for the music.
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