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  1. Hobot, I dont reckon you could get any closer to home for me than this, The Kelly's Bush green ban, 1971 - one of the knock on effects was a new sailing club for us, to prevent developers building apartments on parkland. Poodle - we prolly know each other !
  2. they play a different sort of music in that place now
  3. T - tensionmeter A - Asshat D - Dumfukistan N - NTTAWWT (phonetic = nitwit)
  4. if your newsletter is the highest likely cause, it is REALLY easy for your IT support to set up a sub-domain so that newsletters appear to be sent from Bob@newsletter.domainname.com this will separate your daily email from the clutter of newsletters Am linking an article for you as it is much more succinct that I am capable of, as your question is a multi layered problem. I have quoted below the most immediate fix you can do for yourself. Article link https://webmasters.stackexchange.com/questions/27707/how-can-i-find-out-if-my-domain-has-been-added-to-email-blacklists
  5. Hobot, more good vibes being sent from Downunderland for your recovery and good health. ML
  6. nice skills there. from the thread title, I was expecting a cougar in a kitchen
  7. these guys will do it for a setup fee + a per parcel fee - https://www.forward2me.com/uk-to-usa-parcel-forwarding/ no experience with them, but I use an equivalent service from USA to Oz (called ShopMate), I make an online purchase and gets it sent to a USA address that has been provided to me, so the shipper is none the wiser that the destination is Oz, and when it arrives at "my" USA address, I am notified of the fee to forward me, once paid the parcel is in a plane to Oz. for ShopMate there is no sign up fee, only time I get charged is when they send something to me, they will co
  8. Building W - Sydney TAFE. I did the business case to restore and refit that building 15-20 years ago. musta worked out all right then ....
  9. fair winds and thanks for the music.
  10. ^^^ this cut the cord, move on, live with who you live with. if the purpose of the policy was based on a property that is now sold - the policy has lost it's purpose. Work your way through 'your' what-if scenario's - how do the pro's & cons weigh up for you. I have seen many separations of all flavours, neither of you know each others life direction any longer and the outcomes may not always be amicable. good luck & best wishes.
  11. [thread drift] for those with or contemplating using Instagram, have a look at the account @mykelphotography7 some fantastic images [/thread drift]
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