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  1. Maybe i missed this info on tons of messages... still no clue of ETNZ Boat 2 launch?
  2. And it is also public on Facebook... B1 is decommissioned.
  3. https://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2020/09/17/harken-new-owners-same-spirit/ Thanks Peter, Olaf and Art for having inspired this company.
  4. https://www.ilsole24ore.com/art/tre-tribunali-un-mega-yacht-battaglia-30-milioni-euro-loro-piana-ADCNKRi Translated by using google: Three courts for a mega yacht: Loro Piana's 30 million euro battle The cashmere tycoon is at war between London, Milan and Hamburg against Peters & May, which destroyed the exclusive "My Song"; and the insurance company Allianz for compensation from London Simone Filippetti The former most beautiful boat in the world ends up stranded in court in London. Pierluigi Loro Piana, the luxury magnate heir to the family of the historic Italian bran
  5. Maybe GS interview... for the rest, tell that to the people who has seen Italian army trucks full of coffins from the Bergamo hospital. Fortunately, this forum is about sailing... Over and out.
  6. Yeah, part of the shore team already there in quarantine... 14 days of eating, drinking and playstation :-)
  7. Why NZ Ocean Racing is now in Iran?!!?!?! https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:3476597/mmsi:319081500/imo:0/vessel:TTTOP_VOLVO65_RACING/_:f540c31f565a6c9bbacb452ad27e745a
  8. ITA602

    not fun

    9 winches... and the ones at the mast base are not shown!!!
  9. Auto-answer... yes. the boat is going from a cargo to another.
  10. Do you want some stick glue?
  11. Return to water for LR is getting longer... maybe not a simple shroud failure...
  12. Yeah, I was just referring to VO65... sorry for being not precise :-)
  13. As per today the fleet: #1 Miripuri 319060300 (ex-Dongfeng) #2 Ambersail 2 277188240 (ex ex-SCA) #3 Childhood 244780246 (ex-Brunel) #4 367616310 (ex-Vestas 11th hour) #5 Viva mexico 319122300 (ex-Scallywag) #6 NZ Ocean Racing 319081500 (ex-TTTOP RACING) #7 Sailing Poland 224530860 (ex Mapfre) #8 319119500 (ex-Team AkzoNobel)
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