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  1. Hi everyone, did you also know that you can now synchronize expedition with nke during the start sequence: in other words, if you ping the line with expedition, the line bias information, time to the line,....will also be displayed on nke (using a page you can create or simply on the start page). The timer will also sync so if you start the timer on expedition, it will start on nke. Jerome
  2. Movealbe Ballast, I have plenty of wired remotes in stock if yours were to fail. I can also repair it is fixable (I would need a couple of days turnout).
  3. PM me and I’ll do my best to help out. The newer displays are mind blowing compared to the old gyro displays.
  4. Nope. PM me and I’ll be happy to give you full access to nke toplink software and firmware upgrades.
  5. I will be happy to hook him up with a $15K nke pack (complete with autopilot), but as per my original post, I am sure Ed's boat will do just fine with a second hand ST2000, or 4000 if he wants to be crazy ;-)
  6. BOI Guy, Read the original post again: "Not looking for a miracle, just something for local sailing and it would be nice if the thing could tack and sail a bit." Therefore, I can guarantee that the ST2000 (Ericson 35 is too heavy for the 1000) is MORE than enough. ....and by the way, to answer your post, I have experience sailing across the Atlantic twice and to Hawaii once all single handed, in addition to more offshore sailing where the pilot is a must have on the boat. In my opinion, nke is still best in class...but for "local sailing" a used ST2000 is going to be perfect.
  7. I agree. Just get a used Raymarine ST2000 ($500). Wire it straight to the battery with inline fuse (and toggle switch if you want). no need for anything fancy, under deck or gyro like some of these guys are mentioning. that’s ridiculously way too much for what you want to do. it’s funny to see someone recommended a bang 5000 autopilot. You realize you are talking several thousand dollars and complex install right?
  8. Version 4.0. 3.9 still works great.
  9. ok. let me check what I find out. Alternatively, please give me a call so I fully understand what the issue is. I am not often on the computer... thanks.
  10. 38°59'N, Is this a class 40? what's the number? Once I have that I can talk to nke in france and we will have all the info regarding your bus. If it is a class 40, we need to know which one to make sure the ultrasonic speed sensor will work. You also mentioned a "Raymarine" speed sensor...I assumed you meant Airmar. In addition, on some boats, the paddlewheel was installed with its own speed interface (meaning separately from the depth sensor, which was itself connected to its own interface). I therefore take away what I said earlier: the paddlewheel can work on the Regatta and
  11. 38°59'N, I confirm what RImike said: the nke Reg@atta Processor or HR Processor do not work with a paddlewheel speed sensor. To my knowledge (and since I worked with nke - 2008), only one boat's bus was modified for the paddlewheel to work with a processor. Long story short, the paddlewheel was embedded in the canting keel. Results were not satisfactory and the owner finally changed it with the Ultrasonic speed sensor. By default, the config file of your processor is set to switch to the SOG if the SOW (speed over the water) fails or isn't available. By doing so, the TW information a
  12. Here is a photo. The writing on the cap says “eze plug 5”. Hopefully you can source this off the web.
  13. Mike, I have used the version 2.6 for several months but as you know it is still a beta version so it is actually not yet on the nke ftp server when updating the system (or at least last time I checked). Last time I heard, nke could not yet make the 2.6 version final because it hasn't been tested enough due to the lack of sailing (C-19). I have installed the 2.6 version on many customers' boats though and so far, it has been without any issues or glitches. When you refer to waypoint angle, do you mean "Turn to Waypoint"? This is actually a new channel that I asked nke to include (basicall
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