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  1. They tried the Drone in the Pre Xmas regatta but Boats were moving too fast for the Operator/Boat to keep up and move safely through the course.
  2. Try this website http://www.windsurf.co.nz/ a Photo of current conditions every 10mins and bottom left is current wind. Takapuna Cam is A Course.
  3. Yes, Venturi's - the TV Broadcast did an interview with one of the crew on Ineos and you could see the Grinders area fill with water when the boat was stationary. Once the boat starts moving it self drains.
  4. At 23:05 you see them pass the TNZ boat who has the camera's on their boat - there is a quick look back from LR and a wave....you can only image JS saying "You're next"
  5. And they have taken the Camera's off the Mast and the Post at the stern.
  6. TNZ tearing up and down A Course on the East Coast Bays.
  7. You forget that the RNZYS has a major say in where and when the next cup cycle will be. Where do you think the Cup is held? It's not at the ETNZ Base.
  8. Watch the America's Cup on Youtube with Commentators Ken Read, Nathan O and Shirley Robertson - they let the sailors do a lot of the commentary at key times of the race, very insightful and not the wall to wall comms you get from TVNZ.
  9. No going back to B1, it was striped of parts and they are being used on B2. There was photo on this thread earlier which showed B1 on dry dock with a cover over it.
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